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Kyrie Irving goes for 60 up against the Orlando Magic

As we enter the final stretch of the season Kyrie Irving is heating up

NBA Players are on fire right now as it looks like scoring has become too easy for the professionals. It’s been a bizarre season where 45 point or 50 point games have become a normal occurrence.

Over the last week, there was a record set by Karl Anthony Towns, Steph Curry, and Trey Young. This is the first time where 3 different players had scored 45 points or more in 3 different games in the league.

Kyrie Irving too decided to join the party and had a new record for himself with the Brooklyn Nets. He went on to drop 60 points in the game against Orlando Magic for the Nets.

Kyrie Irving sets Career and Franchise record with a 60 point game 

Kyrie Irving has always been a player who is way too dangerous when he gets it going. Over the years Irving has been criticized for being inconsistent with the game. After leaving the Cavaliers he didn’t really settle into a groove playing regular basketball.

Although it sure looks like he’s finding his rhythm with the Brooklyn Nets. Ever since the Franchise traded James Harden there has been a positive environment in the Nets locker room and they look like a much better team.

Kyrie Irving is still playing away games only but his form looks sharp. Just after having a 50 point game against the Hornets, Kyrie went for some more action against the Magic.

Irving had 41 just in the first half of the game, which shows how dominant he was for the Nets. Irving’s 41 points in the first half are the most in a single half by any player since Devin Booker scored 51 points in the second half of his 70-point game in 2017.

He had 31 attempts out of which he converted 20 with a Field Goal % of 64.5%. He also made 8 threes out of 12 attempted. Out of the last 4 games for the Nets, 3 times either Kyrie or Kevin Durant have gone for a 50 point game.

This just shows how locked in both the players are for the team and if they can keep up their performances the Nets will become stronger in terms of contesting for the Championship.

Irving is delighted with how the Nets are playing right now

I think it really is a testament to the way that we’ve been gelling as a team, and us just giving each other confidence and doing the right things,” Irving said, via the Yes Network. “

When you can get 60 in the flow of a game and it doesn’t seem forced and you’re not putting up a few too many bad shots, and you come to the bench and guys are supporting you and telling you to go after the record, that makes basketball well worth it.”

The Nets indeed are on a 4 game run and will face the Mavericks up next. Luka Doncic has been on a tear and it will be a real tough matchup for the Nets as Kyrie will not be available.

Kyrie’s unavailability in home games will be the one problem for Steve Nash as during the playoffs players need to be in rhythm. The team will hope that there can be a resolution of this conflict before the playoffs start.



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