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Kurt Zouma Will Face the Foxes Despite his Cat Controversy

It feels as if West Ham can’t afford to drop Kurt Zouma from the lineup. Another tragic incident emerging from the footballing world has shocked people all over the world. This time it was West Ham’s Kurt Zouma whose abuse on his pet cat went viral among the public.

The French star was seen kicking and beating his pet and there were calls for harsh action on the player. West Ham however saw it as a disciplinary offense and did not drop the player from the squad. However, now the club is facing heat from various ends and the pressure is adding up.

David Moyes gives his take on the Zouma Situation 

West ham has made its stance clear on the situation. They seriously condemn Zouma’s actions and have fined the maximum amount as a penalty for Kurt Zouma. The total is approximately close to £250,000 ($340,000) amounting to two weeks worth of wages.

David Moyes replied in a press conference that the player will not be suspended from the team. “Yes he’s available to play against Leicester,” Moyes told reporters. “There are different views and opinions on should he be available. We as a club took that decision and I stand by that”. 

The club will also send Zouma to receive education on animal welfare by the RSPCA. The club feels like they can help the player get a better understanding of it and try to improve on his actions.

However many feel they are taking it easy on him as he is a key part of the squad. As a result, West Ham is facing altercations on various fronts.

All is not well at West Ham? 

Just when you thought the Hammers were on a roll, this situation has disrupted the club’s atmosphere. The club is facing complications because of its stance on Zouma’s situation.

The biggest hit to the club was the loss of their official wellness partner Vitality. The firm was distressed about how West ham responded to the whole situation and decided to part ways with them.

Zouma too lost his deal with Adidas and issued an apology for the whole incident. However, an apology is not gonna cut it. France’s  National Manager Didier Deschamps was way harsher on Zouma and dropped him from the National team selections.

However, this was not the end of it. There is another issue brewing among the players as they are demanding higher wages from the club after knowing that Zouma is West Ham’s highest earner.

Some of the players have conveyed their concern about West Ham’s rigid pay structure after knowing how much the French International is earning. Declan Rice and Tomas Soucek are two names who play a significantly important part for West Ham but are paid less than Kurt.

This incident certainly has spoiled the mood in the dressing room. Although it’s not all been bad as some of Zouma’s former teammates as well as his current ones have come in support of the player and think that sacking Zouma would be a bit too much.



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