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Kurt Angle Will Renew His TNA Wrestling Contract

Kurt Angle is renewing his TNA contractTNA Wrestling fans can rest easy, your Olympic hero is staying put. Kurt Angle told his fans via tweet that he is renewing his TNA contract. The tweet puts an end to all of the wrestling rumors speculating on Kurt Angle going back to the WWE, which have been spreading for almost a year.

Two weeks after accusing Randy Orton, Jerry Lawler, and a variety of WWE wrestlers of stealing his moves at WrestleMania 27 and then saying his Twitter was hacked, Kurt Angle has returned to the scene of the crime. Now whether this is a “hack” or the real Kurt Angle will all depend upon what side of the bed he likely wakes up on today. Nonetheless, Angle sent a few tweets out last night announcing his intentions.

TNA has so much potential. I Believe in TNA. I Love Dixie Carter and I am staying. TNA wants to help me into Movies and Anglefoods.TNA is IT – @AngleFoods1

I gave it much thought,TNA is the Underdog.I feel I can Help Them go to the next Level.WWE is the top CO. But being the Face of TNA is Great – @AngleFoods1

To all my Fans @ Friends, I’m signing a new deal with TNA. We r working out the Kinks but I’m staying. So please tune in every thurs night – @AngleFoods1

It appears that Kurt Angle is staying with TNA, although he does mention that a final contract has not been signed. The skeptic in me says that this could all be a big negotiating ploy by Angle. Why announced it if a final deal hasn’t been worked out yet? This puts a little more pressure on TNA to get the deal done immediately and also gives the WWE a final notice of sorts that Angle is available.

I also think these tweets continue to paint a delusional side of Kurt Angle that while most have come to know and not love in the wrestling business, is now front and center for wrestling fans to see. For one, Kurt Angle hasn’t been the “face of TNA” for a long time. If anything, that has been one of the problems with TNA under the Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff regime. Angle has taken a backseat to Sting, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, and Ken Anderson. In my opinion, Angle is far and away the most entertaining personality and wrestler in TNA and I wish he would get that kind of recognition he apparently believes that he has. Let’s not even get into his “excitement” about TNA helping him with his movie career.

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Two, didn’t Kurt Angle make those same claims about taking TNA Wrestling to the next level when he originally signed with them in 2006? It has been five years since Angle debuted in the company and I think there can be an objective argument made as to whether his tenure has helped TNA increase their presence at all. I also wouldn’t hold those results completely against him. I think he has been so sporadically booked over the last few years that it was almost impossible for him to take the company to that next level. His first program with Samoa Joe had a real shot but the company really dropped the ball on that momentum and countless other bright spots Angle had with them in the last few years.

There has been a small buzz about Kurt Angle rejoining the WWE over the last year or so. Some believed that he was a done deal once his contract came up. At one point there were stories floating around that the WWE creative team already had plans in place for the return of the former WWE champion. My hunch is that the WWE have cooled off on him after his troubles with the law over the last couple of years. He already has a record with the company that isn’t good. Is it really worth taking that risk on a guy at 42 years old who just recently pleaded guilty to reckless driving in North Dakota?

I have to believe that the WWE has shown no interest at this point but that is just a guess on my part. Kurt Angle is not a stupid guy. He sees the writing on the wall. With Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff in charge, he is never going to be “their guy” and his close relationship with Dixie Carter is only going to take him so far. I can’t imagine that he doesn’t have the same frustrations with booking that his fans have had over the last year and a half.

Once again let me say that I am a big fan of Kurt Angle in the ring. I don’t think TNA has anyone better and for me, there is nobody that keeps me from turning the channel during Impact like Angle does. Unfortunately his continued delusional rants on Twitter and statements just make it a lot harder for me and many other wrestling fans to like him or take him seriously. Otherwise I think there would be a lot more people excited about the news.

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