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Kurt Angle TNA Wrestling Hall Of Fame Video

TNA Wrestling will induct its second member of their Hall of Fame at Bound for Glory later this year. Kurt Angle will get that honor and TNA has put together one hell of a video to showcase his place in company history.

[adinserter block=”1″]Angle will follow Sting as the second member of TNA’s all-star club. TNA made the announcement at Slammiversary to a reportedly surprised Angle. I can’t think of anyone in TNA that should go in over Angle. If you look at TNA as a whole, who had what kind of impact, and the history of the company I think Angle is right up there and a great choice.

In company history I think Angle was the biggest signing they ever had and that includes Hulk Hogan. Angle signing with TNA would be like CM Punk leaving the WWE tomorrow and showing up in TNA in August. Angle was a household name and an elite WWE star. TNA hasn’t been able to sign anyone from that WWE top spot since. The fact that Angle is still there is even more remarkable.

Unfortunately I don’t think TNA were ready to handle someone of Angle’s magnitude. As big of a signing as Angle was, he really had nobody to make an immediate impact with in TNA. He came in for that big series with Samoa Joe which drew really well on pay per view compared to previous buyrates. The matches were great and Joe was hot back then but he didn’t have that crossover appeal to really capitalize on with Angle. I think if Angle were signed today or a few years later he would have made an even bigger impact on the company.

I also think that Angle has been the victim of musical chairs in the TNA booking department. He has never been utilized by the Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff regime to his fullest potential. Quite frankly Vince Russo booked Angle much better in TNA than Hogan and Bischoff have. I don’t know why but for whatever reason he has never been maximized under the current regime.

Angle has teased going back to the WWE in recent years when his contract has been up. There was a report a while back that Vince McMahon was so confident that he was going to re-sign Angle that he had the writing team come up for ideas for Angle months before Angle’s contract was up. Angle wound up re-upping in TNA and those storylines never came to be.

Kurt Angle is like Ric Flair to me. Whenever Flair was on television I’d always stop and watch, even if I was just flipping through the channels. I do the same with Angle. Whether he is talking or wrestling I always find him entertaining. Over the last 32 years that I have been watching I can’t say that about many other wrestlers

[adinserter block=”2″]I am not a big fan of TNA and quite frankly I think I have bashed them more than complimented them since I launched the Camel Clutch Blog but today will be all props. The video TNA put together on Angle is just amazing. I don’t know of a brand anywhere that can capture a story and emotion in 2:24 seconds as well as they did here. TNA fan or not this is a video worth watching.

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