Kurt Angle Addresses Hulk Hogan’s TNA Wrestling Push


Kurt Angle may come off as a lunatic at times on Twitter but he is a smart man. Angle is a company guy but he can see what is really going on in TNA Wrestling. That is why it shouldn’t be a surprise that he spoke up against Hulk Hogan in a recent interview.

Angle has been with TNA Wrestling now for five years. Sure he is crazy but he is still one of the biggest stars they have, maybe third only to Hulk Hogan and Sting. Angle has been all over the card since arriving and is now looking ahead to winding down his career. He is now looking at TNA’s future and according to him there are some problems.

[adinserter block=”1″]Angle was recently interviewed by former WCW announcer Mark Madden. Madden kicked off an interesting exchange with Angle when he told the former TNA and WWE world champion that it should be him, not Hulk Hogan fighting off Aces & Eights.

“What I want is more Kurt Angle. It should be you battling Aces & Eights, not the guy who can’t walk anymore (Hulk Hogan). C’mon!”’ said Madden.

“You know what, I’ve had talks with Creative and, yeah, we’ve been going back and forth. I’ve been the staple of the company the last five years until, I would say, the last year. I believe they’ve been trying to use the younger talent,” said Angle
Madden responds, “Right, like Hogan!”

Angle answers, “You know what, that’s a touchy subject. I love Terry but you’re right, it’s about bringing up the younger talent. And the way to do it is having them wrestle veterans like me in the main events. Hopefully in the future they’ll start doing that more often.”

It is interesting that you see someone as respected as Angle speak out against Hogan and Hulk’s booking philosophy in TNA. I have to imagine that Angle is not alone in the locker room when it comes to those frustrated by Hulk pushing himself so hard. Read between the lines here. Angle is actually asking to do more in helping put guys over. This isn’t a guy who is jealous of Hulk’s spot.

[adinserter block=”2″]My biggest issue in TNA is Hogan. I still enjoy watching Hogan from time to time but it makes no sense to see him as the face of TNA battling Aces & Eights when he isn’t even wrestling anymore. I am certainly not saying I want to see Hulk wrestle. That would be tough to watch. The problem here is that when this all ends that nobody is getting elevated but Hulk and that does nothing for anyone on the bottom-mid card.

I hope that Angle can use whatever influence he has left and try and get the booking brass to change course. It’s just not working. If he can’t make it happen, I doubt there is anyone who can.

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  1. TNA is the worst product ever produced. WCW at least had bright spots. It is over close shop and rebrand. I will never watch TNA again. TNA is a stupid name. They have the talent but wtf Dixie is a dumb twat. Hogan hasnt been over since he 2005 when he was inducted into the hall of fame. That was almost 10 years ago.


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