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Knicks Win With Melo; Already Reaping Rewards Of Trade

Can Carmelo Anthony lead the Knicks to the playoffs?It seems fitting that one of the longest most drawn out trade sagas in NBA history ends with a night as complicated as the process itself. New New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony called being with the team that he grew up playing for a dream come true.

Carmelo Anthony struggled in his pay per head debut for the Knicks, but that mattered little as New York dropped the Milwaukee Bucks 114-108 on Wednesday night. The debut wasn’t exactly what planned, but the Knicks did manage to set the tone for the future of the organization.

Anthony hit just 10 of 25 shots from the field, but managed to score 11 of the Knicks’ 28 fourth-quarter points en route to victory in front of a sold-out crowd that felt that this was the beginning of a turnaround for a franchise that has long been irrelevant in the NBA standings.

[adinserter block=”2″]New York has not been a legitimate contender for years, but with Anthony now running the court, fans at the Madison Square Garden can feel a sense of comfort that their franchise is on the right track. The former Syracuse product scored 27 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in his debut for the Knicks, and provided the team with the type of scoring it needed once fellow star Amare Stoudamire had already fouled out.

After the game, Anthony talked with the online sports betting media about how he and fellow former Nugget Chauncey Billups will need time to adjust to being a part of Knicks’ head coach Mike D’Anthoni’s system. The four-time All-Star was just traded to a new beginning in New York, one that begins with the Knicks seeded in sixth place in the Eastern conference. Broadway’s team should have no problem getting in to the postseason this year with Stoudamire and Anthony now secure on the team, but it will take at least another step forward before this team can consider itself a legitimate NBA finals contender along with the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics in the Eastern conference. Still, the room for improvement has fans in New York as excited about the team as ever.

[adinserter block=”1″]After failing to land Lebron James this past summer, the Knicks’ sports betting bonus management knew that they only had so much time to land a superstar before the ball would pass them once again. Owner James Dolan may have sensed the times changing, and after watching Miami join the list of big cities in the NBA where teams are stacking up on talent in pursuit of a championship, he had little choice but to follow suit.

The Knicks could not afford to let a superstar player such as Anthony go to another team, especially considering that he had made it clear from the beginning that New York was where he wanted to play out the remainder of his prime. The Knicks did the right thing in acquiring Anthony, and are already reaping the rewards.

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