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KinnPorsche Episode 7 Release Date, Spoiler, Plot and What We Know So Far

It keeps getting better and better.

The craze among a certain group of people about the BL genre has increased a lot recently and because of the demand of people, the BL series industry is booming. Especially the ones from Thailand, those series are becoming popular all over the world and getting cult-like followers.

Among these series, one that has been getting a lot of attention and success is a BL series called KinnPorsche. It stands above the other BL series because other series usually softly feature the BL scenes however KinnPorsche goes all out with its cinematography and features a lot of bold scenes.

The series not only has the BL content but it also features a lot of action and thriller with a hint of mystery in the blend. The latest episode of the series to come out was Episode 6 on 14 May and fans are already excited about what comes next.

Here is everything we know about episode 7 so far:

What Is the Series About?

It all started with the web novel of the same name by DAEMI and then the live adaptation of the web novel in 2022 produced the action-romance series. The series has stayed true to its source material so far and fans really appreciated how well the adaptation from the web novel was done.

KinnPorsche’s name is made up of the main characters’ names Kinn and Porsche. The series follows the romance between the two namely Kinn Anakin and Porsche Pitchya. Kinn happens to be the middle son of a prominent mafia head and his life is always in danger because of that and multiple attempts of assassination have occurred.

Kinn hires Porsche as his boyfriend who is a part-time waiter but also a judo champion. Although Porsche is reluctant to get involved in violence, he is forced to join after Kinn blackmails him about his brother Porchay.

The Plot of Episode 7

Episode 6 of KinnPorsche was one of the most heartwarming episodes of the season. It features Kinn and Porsche hiding out in the forest from their kidnappers while Kinn’s forest is searching for them. We saw the duo getting closer than ever while hiding out in the cave.

Episode 7 will show how Kinn and Porsche find their way home after all the struggle they went through and fighting it out on the bus. We will also see the two getting closer than ever while also getting to know each other better than they ever have.

Episode 7 Release Date and Where to Watch

Currently, episode 7 is scheduled for a release on Saturday 21st May. You can stream all the episodes on iQiyi with a VIP account. If you are a resident of Thailand, then you can watch the series on GMM One at 5 pm GMT.



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