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KinnPorsche Episode 6 Release Date, Plot, and Where to Watch

This series is quickly getting famous worldwide.

Thailand’s BL series industry is certainly booming recently. Many series featuring the genre has become famous all over the world and developed their own cult-like following. If you didn’t know, BL stands for Boys Love and is exactly what it sounds like.

One such series that has gotten everyone’s attention is a series called KinnPorsche. The series has been ongoing for a month now and gained its own fandom of BL genre lovers. The most recent episode that was released was episode 5 and fans are already wondering about the story of episode 6.

That is also the topic of our discussion today. Here’s everything we know about the episode 6 of the series so far:

What is KinnPorsche About?

KinnPorsche is not an original story, it is a series adaptation of a web novel of the same name by DAEMI. The web novel was adapted into the action-romance drama TC series later on in 2022. The BL series before KinnPorsche featured mild BL scenes however, this series took it to the next level with intense scenes while also featuring the action and thriller genres.

KinnPorsche is a story about two guys Kinn Anakin and Porsche Pitchya. Anakin is a member of the mafia and is the son of the boss which puts his life in danger always as the enemy gangs continuously try to assassinate him.

Once Kinn was on the run and comes across Porsche who ends up saving him from his attackers. Kin requests and ends up convincing Porsche to become his bodyguard however a love angle soon develops between the two.

The Plot of Episode 6

In episodes 4 and 5, we saw Vegas visiting the main family and having lunch with Kinn. Big hands a bag to Porsche and asks him to deliver it to Kinn but Porsche ends up discovering Kinn’s boyfriend and runs away.

Porsche is then drugged and almost sexually assaulted by Vegas. However, Kinn discovers Porsche soon through the help of his bodyguards and brings him to his place, and ends up having sex with him.

In episode 6, we will see that the consequences of Kinn’s actions will make him pay. We will finally see our main characters addressing the issue of Kinn taking advantage of Porsche while he was drugged which was completely wrong. We will also see how Porsche deals with the aftermath and we will also discover his fragile side.

Release Date and Where to Watch

Currently, it has been officially revealed that the sixth episode of KinnPorsche is scheduled for release on Saturday, 14th May 2022. If you are a resident of Thailand, then you can stream the series on the One 31 channel.

Other than that, you can stream all the episodes of the series on iQIYI. Let us know your thoughts about episode 6 in the comments.



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