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Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced: Expected Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay & More

There has been an announcement from Square Enix on the development of Kingdom Hearts 4. Kingdom Hearts 3: Verum Rex featured Sora in the Quadratum universe, but this time around the graphics are more lifelike and the combat is more theatrical.

After almost fifteen years between Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3, followers of the series were surprised to see a new mainstream game arrive so quickly. The Kingdom Hearts franchise is full of spin-off adventures that progress the plot ahead at a glacial speed, with the customary odd Square Enix Final Fantasy-style moniker to distinguish them from the mainstream entries.

GeForce Now leaked Kingdom Hearts 4 sometime around September last year, which was the sole indication that a fresh Kingdom Hearts videogame was in the works. Although this leak was widely considered to be speculation, the Kingdom Hearts tag was recognized as a possible substitute.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer

Everyone was surprised to learn that Sora would return so quickly to the world of video games. Kingdom Hearts 4 was initially mentioned during the 20th-anniversary festivities of the original Kingdom Hearts game in Tokyo. The original Kingdom Hearts YouTube account has released the very first promo for the videogame, as well as news on upcoming Kingdom Hearts smartphone games. Until further notice, there is no information on a launch date or platforms for this game.

During the teaser, Sora is shown getting up in the realm of Quadratum, as shown within the Toy Story realm of Kingdom Hearts 3. In fact, Sora and Yozora may be found in Quadratum in the hidden conclusion of Kingdom Hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts 4’s visuals are noticeably different from those of its predecessors, having a more realistic appearance.

Ending with an encounter with someone whose eyes are ablaze with a blue light that may be Hades from Hercules, the teaser shows Goofy and Donald Duck searching the night for a stranger.

I’m guessing that Kingdom Hearts 4 will take the franchise into a different dimension in terms of aesthetics and storyline. It’s also possible that the reintroduction to Quadratum would allow fans to see whatever Tetsuya Nomura had planned for Final Fantasy Versus XIII before it was reworked as FF15.

It’s possible that the Kingdom Hearts 4 video has announced the Final Fantasy IX Rebuild, and also remastered editions of Final Fantasy Tactics Ogre, and Tactics based on the GeForce Now leaks. Whatever the situation may be, it is an excellent moment to be a player of the classic Square Enix videogames.



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