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King Mo Signs Dual TNA Impact Wrestling/Bellator MMA Contract

King MoIn what has to be a first, a well known MMA fighter has signed a dual deal allowing him to fight and wrestle in a co-promotional effort. Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion King Mo will wrestle for TNA Impact Wrestling and fight for Bellator under the terms of a new deal.

[adinserter block=”2″]Twitter reporter or as he calls himself “hobbyist” Front Row Brian broke the news on his Twitter feed Wednesday. I have become a big fan of Brian’s reporting and in my opinion he is the tops at breaking stories in MMA. It is amazing at times how quickly he gets the news out as opposed to the journalists paid to do the same thing.

King Mo is currently serving a suspension for testing positive for PEDs. Mo was released from Strikeforce after he suggested that some of the questioning he received in his NSAC hearing was racially based. As a free agent some speculated that Zuffa would sign him back and move him to the UFC. Brian also reports that Zuffa retained matching rights and could have matched the offer if they wanted to keep him. The Bellator and TNA dual signing is certainly one that I never would have expected. Mo’s deal is a four fight deal for $90,000 to show and $30,000 to win.

According to Brian, Mo will first start wrestling for TNA Wrestling. Remember, he can’t fight for awhile as he is serving a suspension. His appearances on both promotions will act as co-promotion for each brand. Brian also reports that TNA is most interesting in starting a program with Sting and Mo first and then Mo vs. Kurt Angle.

I have to admit that I am already scratching my head at Sting vs. Mo. Granted, this is only an initial idea but I couldn’t think of a worst way to debut Mo. I can’t imagine that they could have a great match or anything close to what Mo vs. Angle would be. I can’t help but think Samoa Joe would have been a better opponent to use to introduce Mo. Additionally I am stunned that they would bring Mo in as a heel. The guy has natural charisma and has big time babyface written all over him. Again this is all preliminary but if this is the plan, it isn’t all that well thought out in my opinion.

I think the big winner here is Bellator who will have their star on Spike TV every week promoting the idea he will be fighting for real in their company. My hunch is that you will have more pro wrestling fans inclined to follow Mo to Bellator as opposed to MMA fans getting excited about watching Mo wrestle in TNA. I do think he’ll grab some MMA fans early on out of intrigue but it wasn’t as if Mo was a big draw in MMA to begin with.

King Mo is a big pro wrestling fan and should do well in the TNA Impact Wrestling rings. Mo was recruited by the WWE before getting into MMA and almost went down this road before. Mo is an accomplished amateur wrestler and has the potential to be the biggest star in TNA Impact Wrestling if they do things right.

Dave Meltzer describes Mo’s wrestling interests, “Lawal is a lifelong pro wrestling fan who always aspired to go into pro wrestling after the Olympics in wrestling. He failed to make the 2008 Olympic team, but ended up doing MMA, where he was Strikeforce light heavyweight champion at one point.

[adinserter block=”1″]Booking idea aside, I do like the idea that Impact Wrestling is going out on a limb here. This is uncharted waters for those in charge at TNA. That could be a good or a bad thing but at least for now, everyone is talking about Impact Wrestling and that is a very good thing.

I highly recommend following Front Row Brian on Twitter for the best and latest breaking MMA news and rumors.

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