Kimbo Slice Will Fight On Next The Ultimate Fighter


It didn’t take long for UFC to cash in. Kimbo Slice will fight next week on The Ultimate Fighter. Kimbo will fight former IFL champion Roy Nelson on the UFC reality show next Wednesday night. Nelson and Slice will fight for free on Spike TV in a fight that could shatter ratings records.

TUF coach Rashad Evans wasted no time calling out Kimbo Slice. Evans made the Slice vs. Nelson fight with his first overall fight selection. Evans has openly questioned the skills of Slice since Week 1. Slice seems to be the star pupil under his coach Rampage Jackson. This will likely be the most anticipated bout in The Ultimate Fighter history since Josh Koshcheck vs. Chris Leben in TUF season 1.

[adinserter block=”1″]This week’s show was a big of a letdown coming off of last week. I thought the show kind of dragged at times. The show focused a lot on Roy Nelson and Kimbo Slice which made sense after the fight announcement. Evans and Rampage had a fun faceoff over training times. Next week’s preview showed a blowup which is anything but fun between the two. Between the anticipated blowup and Slice’s first UFC match, it is truly a can’t-miss show.

James McSweeney defeated Wes Shivers in this week’s fight. Shivers is a former NFL player and stands 6’7” and 270. The guy is jacked! Unfortunately size isn’t always a good thing in UFC. Shivers gassed early. McSweeney relied on his kick boxing background and peppered Shivers with strikes. It was hard to watch as Shivers had McSweeney in several compromising positions but just couldn’t finish. McSweeney won a 2-0-1 decision.

The real downer of the show is knowing that there won’t be a Rampage- Evans fight. It is hard buying into the hype of a fight that isn’t going to happen. Dana White and the UFC really need to make things right with Rampage. Rampage-Evans could break records by the end of the season. The show is doing a tremendous job of building up the fight. Dana White talks of boxing not being able to pull of matches the fans want to see. Dana White may have to eat his words if this match doesn’t happen.

[adinserter block=”2″]Check back on next Wednesday for a full preview of Kimbo Slice vs. Roy Nelson. That is a TUF fight well worthy of an entire blog. 13 million people combined tuned in to watch Kimbo Slice’s last two fights. Chances are that the numbers will be blown out of the water with UFC’s promotional machine behind it. The downfall here is that it could be one and done as far as the ratings if Slice is beaten. Regardless, The Ultimate Fighter next Wednesday night is the place to be if you are an MMA fan!

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