Kimbo Slice Wants to Break Dada 5000’s Face

Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice will be fighting Dada 5000 in February for Bellator MMA, and there’s a lot of bad blood surrounding this fight. Harris, a childhood friend and former bodyguard of Kimbo, also gained acclaim from his promotion and participation in the rugged world of street fighting. The story of the South Florida-resident was brought to the forefront of the combat sports world recently in the documentary entitled “Dawg Fight.”

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Slice had some strong words to say about Dada in a recent interview with Sherdog.

“He’s a real piece of s—,” Slice said. “I don’t like him. I’m ready to f—ing break his face on Feb. 19.”

“This dude had no beard. He had no tattoos. I don’t think he even had a job at the time, so we hooked him up, gave him a little work. Said come f— with us, come take this ride with us,” Slice said. “Because this was a movement: me coming from the street fighting and having my first fight against Ray Mercer.”

Slice feels that Dada stole his image.

“You’re talking about a guy who stole my image, stole my look. Literally when I decided to turn pro, he decided to take street fighting in the wrong f—ing way,” Slice said. “…Even though it was a street fight, we had some type of respect for each other. He just made a mockery out of it. Guys were getting hurt and had no way to really recover from it. Everything about what he did and about him was just wrong.

“And then he tried to talk s— a little bit about me. He tried to talk s–t a little bit about the reason for us not wanting to f— with him no more. I just kept my peace for a very long time, considering the nature of the situation. We even tried to approach him about a fight.”

Slice (5-2), is currently on a one-fight winning streak. Slice made it clear that he is going to hurt Dada when they fight. He went as far as telling his kids what he plans to do to Dada.

“I told my kids to really forgive me right now, but daddy’s going to be a real bully. I’m gonna bully this dude. I’m gonna bang him up.”

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Their fight will be taking place on February 19th in Houston, Texas at the Toyota Center.

Look Bellator MMA is looking for ratings. Bottom line. Realize it because that is what it comes down to. Spike needs ratings. Their highest rated show is “COPS.” For whatever reason, fans like to watch these freakshow style fights. Look at Bellator 138, Slice vs. Ken Shamrock did over one million views. Tito Ortiz vs. Stephan Bonnar did the same. Let’s just hope that they can put a great undercard together that features their younger talent so that this fight card can have some good fights because Slice vs. Dada is not going to be a great fight. It will be a street, rock em sock em, throwdown fight.

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