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Kimbo Slice vs. Roy Nelson – The Big Let Down

You are reading my blog for today that discusses my thoughts of the Kimbo Slice/Roy Nelson fight on The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights. This covers the thoughts, predictions, anticipation, as well as rumors of how the fight will go.

8:20am : Just rolled out of bed, an hour and a half earlier then I’m accustomed to. Why, you ask? IT’S KIMBO SLICE/ROY NELSON DAY!!!! The anticipation and suspense is killing me.

[adinserter block=”1″]9:31am : My daily morning routine of checking all of my favorite websites has been disrupted today. I’m reading multiple MMA forums on spoilers for this fight. There are definitely spoilers out there. The most read spoiler that I have come across is that current TUF contestant Wes Sims leaked that Kimbo loses his first fight in the first round. Apparently, Sims leaked this info while he was still in the house via an iPod Touch with Wifi. Sounds a little far-fetched, however; it’s being said that Sims has an altercation with Slice in the house that leads to Sims blowing up and, thus, leaking this information.

10:01am : The fans, like myself, that do not want to see Kimbo lose seem to be holding on to two hints of hope. First, the half-second flash during this week’s TUF commercial preview that is clearly showing Slice landing a stiff right directly onto the cheek of Nelson. In the photo, Nelson is seeing falling backwards. Second, UFC released a minute-long season preview prior to the season even starting. In that video, a mean that appears to be Slice can be seen performing a ground-and-pound on Brandon Schaub. That implies to us that Slice will win this fight and face Schaub later in the season, or Slice will come back on the show as an injury replacement.

11:21am : If I sit here any longer and research this fight, I’m going to go crazy. Time to play some Call of Duty 5 and NHL 10 on Xbox Live with some friends.

11:39am : Well, that didn’t work out like I thought it would. I made it onto Xbox, however, we’re all discussing the Slice/Nelson fight. Go figure.

3:51pm : Ok, I got away from this fight for a few hours thanks to NHL 10. I’m now watching some Slice and Nelson fights on YouTube. I would love to see Kimbo reenact the same end sequence that Nelson had when he was knocked out by Arlovski. Nelson is definitely a lot better on the ground then most heavyweights. This could be key for him in possibly defeating Kimbo.

4:14pm : Then again, I just re-watched the complete Kimbo Slice/James Thompson fight. Slice looked really good on the ground. He had multiple escapes and got out of a few submission attempts by Thompson.

4:22pm : I understand that Seth Petruzelli is an MMA veteran, but he doesn’t beat Slice is Slice had a chance to prepare for him. Petruzelli is talking a lot of trash about Kimbo recently. If I were Seth, I wouldn’t want to face Kimbo again. I feel that it would be a completely different outcome. In hind-sight, Slice would have knocked out Ken Shamrock with ease had that match gone on as planned.

6:50pm : Pro Wrestling Radio hosted by Camel-Clutch Blog’s own Eric Gargiulo is on tonight. I’m sensing a call-in to discuss this match further. After all, I can’t discuss this match much more with myself.

7:43pm : Called into Eric Gargiulo’s Pro Wrestling Radio show to discuss this upcoming matchup in detail. Both of us seem to agree that Nelson will win. Eric seems to be leaning towards Nelson via submission. I believe it will be Nelson via decision. The good news is that we have two fighters here who have gone deep into fights in their careers. Therefore, we won’t see 2 guys hunched over with their hands on their knees, gasping for air midway through the first. We also discussed how MMA die-hards are yet to fully embrace Kimbo.

8:05pm : Less than two hours until show time. After the call with Eric, it made me want to do a bit of research. Of every athlete on the show this year, Nelson appears to be the most out-of-shape. To the people who believe that Nelson is going to be gassed after a minute, it should be noted that 7 of Nelson’s 17 fights have gone into the third round or went the distance.

9:15pm : Forty-five minutes left. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the Phillies are taking it to the Astros. They should clinch their third straight NL East Title tonight. That’s awesome. I almost wish the game was a little closer though. That way it would keep me completely occupied until fight time.

9:18pm : A friend of mine just left the comment “SPOILER, Kimbo gets taken down and gets his ass whooped” on my Facebook. Good thing I write for blogs and do radio shows or else I’d be rather upset at this. Writing and talking about sports, wrestling, and MMA have caused me to stay informed. It seems like his mind is made up that this is what will happen. I’m not that sure. I’m holding out hope that the iron-clad agreements that everyone associated with the show must sign, truly prevents this result from leaking. I want to be surprised tonight. If Kimbo wins like I want, I will be surprised simply because of all the rumors that have him losing.

9:28pm : Another spoiler that I read about last week that I just saw again; “Kimbo wins by controversial decision”. Other spoilers that I have read about in the last week: 1) Kimbo’s second fight after beating Nelson is against Wes Sims. 2) Dana White is given the opportunity to overturn a decision for the first time in history. Number 2 would never happen. And, if it did, I would think fans would go crazy if it’s in Kimbo’s favor.

9:58pm : Phillies won their third consecutive NL East title in perfect time! It’s time for Kimbo Slice and Roy Nelson!!

10:02pm : Kimbo has come across really likable during this show. He has won over a portion of MMA fans thanks to this show.

10:03pm : “The Enemy is the Innerme. The Inner-ME!”

10:05pm : Rashad is bringing out the big dogs to get Nelson ready for Kimbo. The ‘Dean of Mean’ Keith Jardine is here!

10:07pm : This face-to-face showdown with Rashad and Rampage is completely lifeless for the viewer now that we know they won’t face off at the end of the season.

10:08pm : “Take your nuts out of Rashad’s mouth”.

10:13pm : “Are you the black jew?”

10:16pm : While training Kimbo to remove Roy from the mount, Rampage says “we don’t have anyone to replicate that big-bellyness.”

10:25pm : Maybe the most telling symbol of the day that Kimbo will lose. The description of tonight’s episode on UFC.com says that Team Rashad will pick the fight for week 4.

10:27pm : Nice to hear that “Big Marcus” has quite the green thumb.

10:28pm : “The bird that flies high eventually has to come back down to Earth to get water.”

10:29pm : The weigh in. Kimbo Slice weighs in at 230 lbs. “Big Country” Roy Nelson is a slim, trim 264 lbs, even after hitting “every buffet in Las Vegas”.

10:33pm : Hardcore Holly’s theme music in the background. Nice.

10:37pm : At this time last week, round 1 of the fight had already begun. This fight is not going the distance obviously.

10:38pm : “I’m the bull, I’m the bull….wooooaaahhhh”.

10:44pm : As Mike Goldberg would say, “And heerreeee we go!” It’s fight time! Once again, I must point out that at this time last week, round 2 was underway. Someone is getting KO’ed or submitted.

10:45pm : These guys are just dancing around and feeling each other out right now.

10:47pm : The first exchange between the two. Kimbo definitely got the better end of that exchange.

10:48pm : Roy has taken this one to the ground. This is not good.

10:50pm : Kimbo is very, very lucky that the fight wasn’t stopped. Roy just laid on top of him and continued clubbing him in the head. Round 1 is over. Kimbo can’t let this get to the ground in round 2. With such little time left, this fight doesn’t have much left to it. This fight is done within the first minute-thirty of round 2.

10:52pm : From my Facebook newsfeed : “Kimbo defeated the cage wall and post, but is struggling against Seth Rogen.” Yes, I laughed out loud. Nice, Justin.

10:54pm : Kimbo just caught Roy with that shot we continue seeing in the commercial

10:56pm : The fight is stopped due to suffocation. I kid, I kid. Roy Nelson just laid on Kimbo, however, and hit him with shots to the head that wouldn’t knock my wife out.

10:59pm : And the preview for next week seems to imply that Kimbo will be back in this competition. I put everything that I own on the fact that Kimbo comes back. This Roy Nelson guy is a joke.

[adinserter block=”2″]So, the fight is over. I thought that Kimbo showed some promise. I am a little disgusted that Roy Nelson just laid on Kimbo until the stoppage. It was rather disturbing. This fight has left me feeling let down. It’s like meeting an awesome girl, going on 15 dates waiting for that kiss. Once you finally get that kiss, it’s horrible; her slobber runs down your shirt, she kisses more of your cheeks than your lips. Just a complete letdown. Kimbo will find his way back onto this show. Rampage has quickly cemented himself as the worst coach in TUF history. It’s now 11:11….time to make a wish.

11:11pm : My wish: Kimbo comes back to the show and knocks Roy “my greatest asset is my tummy” Nelson on his tail.

I covered many rumors about this fight prior to this fight. One of them was that Kimbo would lose tonight, be brought back onto the show as an injury replacement, and win his next fight by TKO. This looks like it could be accurate, thus far. Let’s see what happens. Whatever the case, something needs to happen because my whole day of build-up has left me feeling like I have slobber on my shirt and saliva all over my cheeks.

Brett is 26 years old and from Millville, NJ. He has is a life-log fan of the Philadelphia sports teams as well as the Boston red Sox and Cincinnati Bengals. Brett is also a big fan of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. If you would like to comment on one of his stories, please e-mail him at Brettley916@aol.com

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