Kimbo Slice To Make Pro Boxing Debut In August


Guess who’s ready to start throwing fists again? Kimbo Slice is warming up the hands and will be returning to combat although this time he will have bigger padding on his fists of fury. Kevin Ferguson will be boxing!

The news broke today that Kimbo Slice will be making his official pro boxing debut in August. Slice’s boxing opponent has not been signed as of press time. However, Kimbo Slice will fight a grueling four-round main-event on August 13 at the Buffalo Run Casino in the bright lights of Miami…Oklahoma.

[adinserter block=”1″]Slice will be coming home so to speak. Slice’s boxing debut will be promoted by his old promoter Gary Shaw. Shaw, who promoted Slice early on as an MMA fighter will join with Tony Holden Promotions to bring boxing fans this extravaganza.

Kimbo was always meant to be in the ring,” said Jared Shaw, Team Kimbo Promotional Advisor. “He’s one of the hardest punchers in the world and on August 13, his journey to becoming America’s heavyweight begins. The first stop will be Oklahoma in what will become the Kimbo Slice Express.

It is a bit odd seeing Slice back in business with Shaw after their fallout two years ago. Shaw was working on Kimbo’s boxing debut two years ago when Slice bolted for The Ultimate Fighter 10. Even then as disappointed as Shaw was, he never took any personal shots at Slice.

Whatever Kimbo wants to do, I’m happy for him. I don’t know what they paid Kimbo — maybe they paid him a boatload of money — and in that case he’s doing the right thing. Kimbo is one of those people that comes along every once in ages who has what I call the it factor as a promoter. I have a lot of fighters who come to me and are great talents but don’t have the it factor. And then you have someone who comes along and has the it factor. Manny Pacquiao has the it factor. He’s a star. He reeks of stardom. People gravitate to him. Kimbo is that way. When he walks into a room, he lights up the room.

Slice has been a bit of a mystery since being dropped by Matt Mitrione at UFC 113. Slice was cut from his UFC contract following the loss. Slice signed on to do pro wrestling back several months ago. Slice was scheduled to wrestle former Sumo star Shinichi Suzukawa in Japan. Unfortunately Slice pulled out of the match citing an injury with nothing rescheduled.

Quite frankly pro boxing is where Kimbo Slice needs to be. Slice came into the UFC with a ton of hype and failed to deliver on any of it in the win column. To be fair, Slice was a big ratings draw on The Ultimate Fighter 10, a show which may have ended his MMA career.

[adinserter block=”1″]In my opinion the UFC did him dirty by exposing Slice’s arthritis in his knees during one of its shows. From that point on the book was out on Slice as a fighter, go for the knees. I wasn’t surprised at all when that is exactly what Houston Alexander did in their fight after this aired. I remember watching that particular show and thinking, “Wow he’s screwed.”

Slice gained prominence for his backyard fighting You Tube videos. He certainly packs a powerful punch which should make him a natural fit for boxing. However, at his age and with his arthritis, he will never do anything serious in boxing and will probably be nothing more than a side show. He just won’t be able to undertake the cardiovascular training necessary to succeed. In addition to his inexperience on the ground, Slice’s poor cardiovascular conditioning often saw him gas out early in MMA fights.

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  1. Im down to see this, he definitely can fight but hope it doesnt end up like his MMA career. I give him a better shot at this and hope he gets his..


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