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Kim Kardashian Shows Up Wrapped In Tape At Paris Fashion Week

She was a total package, literally!

Just when you think it couldn’t get any wilder, Kim is like “you bet” and then shows you something beyond your wildest expectations. A similar event unfolded again as the 41-year-old model turned all the heads at the Paris Fashion Week.

Kim showed up for the event wrapped up in tape, yes like a mummy! Here are more details about her surprising outfit:

Literally Wearing the Brand

We might never be able to understand the fashion sense and choices of the rich and famous but we certainly can’t take our eyes off them. One such look was Kim Kardashian’s most recent outfit.

Kim showed up at the Balenciaga show of the Paris Fashion Week 2022 wrapped up in yellow tape. The model was seen wearing shipping tape all over her body and the tape had Balenciaga written all over it quite literally.

She wore tinted sunglasses and carried a handbag matching and complimenting her outfit. She went with the wet hair look which somehow complimented her catsuit made up of shipping tape.

The handbag was of Hourglass brand but was also wrapped up with the same shipping tape as Kim’s outfit. Now it makes you wonder that it might be uncomfortable wearing tape and sitting or standing might actually rip the tape however no such incidences occurred thanks to the careful placement of tape by the designers.

But it still makes you think just how exactly did they manage to put it on her, well good for you Kim recently shared the behind-the-scenes video of her getting dressed, or rather getting wrapped up in tape.

Behind the Scenes

Kim shared snippets of the moment when she was being dressed up on her Instagram account. She shared video clips on her story sharing with her fans just how exactly did she got dressed up.

In the initial clips, Kim is seen wearing a black skin-tight leotard and assistants are carefully wrapping up her boots and legs. Then in the next image, we can see Kim’s body being wrapped in tape by the assistants.

After that Kim explains just how exactly did they manage to keep the outfit intact after it was cut off in order to remove it from her body. Kim said: “It is literally still intact with the boots and bag, and everything, for the archive.”

Later on, Kim revealed that she took some parts of her outfits to her home and said: Look what I got, I got the trash bag from the trash bag bag, from the show. I am so excited… oh my god and they put rolls of tape in here for me! So I can have extra, how cool is this? I love this trash bag bag.”

The Balenciaga show was praised for its commentary regarding the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.



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