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Kim Kardashian Faces Wardrobe Malfunction in TINY Sheer Bra During SKIMS Photoshoot

American model and businesswoman Kim Kardashian who has been in news for quite a time made yet another headline. Kardashian who has recently gone through an ugly divorce with rapper Kanye West posted some stories on her Instagram on Saturday. The stories posted by Kim showed her getting all set for her new photoshoot. The photoshoot Kim was getting ready, for was for her very own clothing and activewear brand Skims.

However, during all the chaos of her shoot, Kim posted a story about herself in a sheer bra and suffering a wardrobe malfunction. In one selfie video, the mother-of-four is seen posing for the camera in an extremely revealing black bra with spaghetti straps. Kim screams, “Sh*t,” and holds her breast as she realizes her nipple is practically on display for all of her 313 million followers to see. Kim in the same story also pouts and softly strokes her blonde hair.

Not only this, but in yet another video of her’s she posted a few minutes before, Kim was seen grabbing her breast area to prevent anything malfunction. However, in the later videos, she couldn’t prevent so. In one of the videos, the 41-year-old model also put up an Instagram gif and fans are doubting that it is surely for hiding her nipples that might be visible in the shot video.

However, it could not be denied that the Kardashians are used to wearing bare attire on camera. Kim after her viral story posted several other stories wherein her crew members can also be spotted getting her ready for the shoot. “Now Chris has to get in on the fun,” Kim says as she poses in front of a full-length mirror, before adding, “Don’t worry guys, they have underwear underneath these jeans.” They just want to be in the IG story… leave me alone!” she says as she proceeds to shoot herself.

Kim has always been so outspoken and social about whatever is happening in her life with her Instagram family. The model can be seen sharing so many things for instance earlier in the day, Kim urged her supporters to vote for Los Angeles Mayor Rick Caruso. Kim stated “I recently met Los Angeles mayoral candidate Rick Caruso. I don’t usually promote politicians because I’m not into politics, but when it comes to my hometown and some people can make a difference… I realize the election is soon, but I wanted to discuss Rick Caruso.”

Further, she shared a series of photos from her sister Kourtney’s wedding to Travis Barker yesterday. She posed in an updo, looking off to the side in her black-gloved goth attire, which many followers had sadly compared to “a funeral,” and captioned the photo: “Kravis Forever.” Fans couldn’t get past her hair in the newly released photographs from last weekend, which also had her and daughter North striking a sweet pose – and a cute kiss – but they couldn’t get past the hair.



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