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KGF Chapter 3: Is It Really Happening?

It all started with KGF: Chapter 1 in 2018, a movie that swayed the heart of the whole country by storm. It made a huge success all over the country and made an estimated amount of 250 crores. But the journey was just beginning and soon enough dropped the second chapter of the franchise in 2022.

KGF: Chapter 2 is already Housefull and with an estimated budget of 100 crores it took to make the film, we can expect it to earn way more than that in the coming days. The movie is already a great success and the sequel did not disappoint a bit.

But now that we have seen the second chapter as well, the hunger for more keeps increasing and fans can’t stop themselves from speculating what’s ahead. So will there be a third chapter of the popular franchise? Here is everything we know about it so far:

What is KGF About?

The first movie features the story of Rocky, a young boy born in poverty who seeks power and money to fulfill a promise to his dying mother. On his way to get power and wealth, he goes to Mumbai where he comes across the gold mafia and gets involved.

As for the second movie, the story takes us ahead after the events of Chapter 1 and Rocky is now the kingpin of the Kolar Gold Fields. He must now toughen himself for the challenges ahead that will test his strength to retain his supremacy against foes like rivals and government officials. He must also deal with his past life while going through hardships.

Actor Yash who portrays the character of Rocky said in an interview: “KGF is a story about a mother who has suffered a lot in her life and wants her son to not live like her. She wants him to be rich at least when he dies. That is a relatable point for the whole of the country. Only 1 percent of people who are privileged, only they may not relate to it.”

There Will Definitely Be a Chapter 3

KGF 3 is already trending on Twitter as soon as the second chapter dropped. Those that went to the theatres to watch the movie were not only surprised with what a masterpiece the movie was, but they were also starstruck by what came at the end of the movie.

The post-credit scene in KGF: Chapter 2 showed a scene that teased the existence of a threequel of the movie. Director Prashanth Neel also hinted at the movie having a third part during an interview with Hindustan Times where he said: “It’s too early to confirm. In cinema, you can even bring back the dead to life. If people love KGF: Chapter 2, we could think of continuing the franchise.”

Are you excited about a third part of the movie? Let us know in the comments!



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