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Kevin Owens Is WWE’s Best

There haven’t been too many guys to walk into WWE and have the immediate impact that Kevin Owens has had. Within two months he was the NXT Champion and in his first ever match in the WWE he stole the show and defeated John Cena clean at Elimination Chamber. There’s no question in my mind that today, Kevin Owens is the best thing going in the WWE.

[adinserter block=”1″]It’s the weirdest thing; I was not impressed when I first saw Owens on NXT. I liked what I heard in the video packages leading up to his debut but in the short time I saw Finn Balor, Adrian Neville, Baron Corbin and even Sami Zayn with brighter futures in WWE. Maybe it had something to do with his look and the assumption that Vince McMahon would never push a guy built like Owens. Not too sure what it was but it literally took the time of an NXT live event for me to change my mind. He had what I felt was a below average match with CJ Parker to kick off NXT TakeOver: R Evolution. Then in the main event, his best friend, Sami Zayn, won the NXT Championship. He came out to celebrate with him and moments later took him out. The moment he destroyed his best friend and powerbombed him on the ring apron, my feelings for Owens changed. From there he would go on to destroy Neville and we again got to see the extremely violent powerbomb on the ring apron. At that moment, it was clear that Kevin Owens was a bad, bad dude. The more I saw him and the more I heard from him, I started to see what all the fuss was about when WWE signed him.

Then it happened. His title match with Sami Zayn at NXT TakeOver: Rival was all set. They were in fact best fiends and came up the ranks traveling the wrestling world together and against each other. The fact that he would do so much damage to his best friend was spectacular stuff. Also, this match wasn’t originally set to be for the title. Through his master heel ways, he convinced Zayn that he must put the title on the line and it didn’t take much convincing.

The match happened and only added to the greatness of Owens. He smashed Zayn so hard the referee had to stop the match and declared Owens the winner and the new NXT Champion. It took Owens just two months to make such an impact. It was clear at that moment, WWE had a star on their hands. I know I wasn’t the only one to think this, but he had a Brock Lesnar feel to him and he won a title match in the most dominant fashion I’ve ever seen. It reminded me how Brock defeated Cena at SummerSlam to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

From there Owens would get into a little feud where he dominated Alex Riley. It wasn’t much but Owens was able to show off more of what makes him such a great heel. There was one moment where they commentary together and he and Riley said something to upset Owens. They would get into it and Owens would throw Riley over the announce table and the moment that happened, I question whether Owens was really mad or not. He did a great job making that feud with Riley feel real.

Fast forward to NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable, where Owens had a rematch with Zayn where he dominated him again. This time the match was ruled a no contest and Owens was still NXT Champion. Samoa Joe made his debut to save Zayn from anymore damage. Earlier that night, we saw a video of Hideo Itami getting jumped in the parking lot, taking him out of his match at Unstoppable. At the end of that video, Owens walks by saying, “That’s a shame.” Everything he does screams villain.

Two weeks ago, Owens made his main roster debut, answering one of John Cena’s U.S. Title open challenges. He didn’t actually wrestle but instead hit Cena with his pop-up powerbomb. He then stomped on the U.S. Title ultimately setting up a match with John Cena at Elimination Chamber. He made a statement that the NXT Champion was the top dog in WWE. Of course, I always get nervous when a rising star gets into a feud with Cena. Recently, up and comers like Bray Wyatt and Rusev have been put in their place by Cena and ultimately putting an abrupt end to their momentum.

Going into his match at Elimination Chamber, nothing was bigger than Cena vs. Owens. I called for it and it actually happened, Owens defeated Cena clean in his first match on the main roster. Owens stole the show and was honestly the only match that really mattered that night. All of the buzz was about Owens defeating Cena.

The thing that makes Owens so good is that he’s real life. The way he talks, his motivations in life are all things that people can get behind. He says he’s going to do something and he does it. Coming into WWE he said he would fight anyone and everyone because that’s what he does best and that’s exactly what he’s done. At one time, Owens is feuding with Sami Zayn, Finn Balor (current number 1 contender in NXT), Samoa Joe, possibly Hideo Itami and John Cena. The thought of that is insane. He’s defending his title in NXT while feuding with the number one guy in WWE.

Now, Cena and Owens have a rematch at Money in the Bank and that will be a huge indicator where Owens goes from there. Will WWE continue to push Owens as this force or will John Cena put him back into his place? There are two things that MUST happen to continue Owens’ rise.

One, he needs to continue to be booked as an unstoppable monster. He continues to talk the talk, which means he must continue to walk the walk. If he’s getting a rematch with John Cena, he must again beat John Cena. The only alternative is to have Owens disqualified for beating Cena so badly. I see no other outcome where Cena defeats Owens.

[adinserter block=”2″]Second, he needs be paired up with Paul Heyman at some point. He is being promoted and booked as the next Brock Lesnar, so lets put him with the best manager in the business. Owens would be like a combination of Brock and Punk. Heyman would have his monster that can back it up on the microphone. Putting Owens with Heyman would be a match made in heaven.

I know it’s a big statement but Kevin Owens is the best thing going in WWE today. He’s getting an opportunity and he’s flying with it. The way he talks, his in ring style and the way he carries himself is perfect. He does everything a heel should do and he does it flawlessly. In his very short time in WWE he vaulted to the top and if done right, he can go even higher. There is no reason he can’t carry the NXT and WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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