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Kevin Owens: Will He Become Another Forgotten WWE Champion?

In the past week, WWE has seen the return of Alberto Del Rio, the departure of John Cena and the ascension of Roman Reigns as the top contender for the company’s world title.

Never once has there been discussion of Kevin Owens and where he stands in terms of his Intercontinental Title and plans for the Canadian superstar in the future or for the remainder of the year.

[adinserter block=”1″]Has WWE forgotten a valuable commodity and arguably its top villain once Seth Rollins relinquishes his title to his former Shield colleague?

I believe the answer is yes. Owens could be the top heel or face (should the company want to go that route in the future). While Seth Rollins is being used in too many spots, too many promos and wearing his welcome out with the fans, WWE’s Universe is gearing up for a major title change and a major swerve sometime soon.

See Dean Ambrose.

In the meantime, what happens to Owens in the shuffle and can he maintain the buzz he first created when he appeared in a WWE ring to challenge John Cena like a bolt of lightning out of the sky.

Probably not. We can’t even blame Cena for this one, as his time in the ring with Owens is long done and just a faded memory.

If Owens is to continue to be a major part of WWE’s future, then he needs another push. Yes, it’s hard to say that knowing he just captured the title from Ryback and defended it just last week at Hell in a Cell. He has no opponent as of yet, and although he now has what many used to believe was the company’s second highest title, the appearance of Del Rio is what is making the rounds on social media and within the confines of Stamford, CT. There is no way to contain that as Del Rio’s departure from Lucha Underground and sudden emergence in Los Angeles last week is all the talk, rumor and rage amongst the wrestling community.

If anything, Owens has been screwed because of a last minute decision by the Mexican Aristocrat, which is grounds enough for war in my book.

While a title vs. title tilt is worth the price of admission in this instance, there really are not enough belts on the line in the company right now. Two or three more straps would do this company a world of good.

Don’t hold your breath on that one.

The lack of a true contender for the Intercontinental Title puts WWE in an odd predicament. Cesaro, John Cena (when he returns), Dolph Ziggler and maybe someone like Daniel Bryan, upon his return, are the usual suspects when it comes to challenging Owens. I for one think Dean Ambrose makes the most sense until he makes the highly anticipated heel turn and either costs Roman Reigns his title opportunity with Seth Rollins or challenges Reigns once he claims what is rightfully his.

Still, since there is no real heat with Owens right now, his situation is tenuous. And it is also proof WWE has a real issue with dealing with more than one potential situation at a time. Nearsightedness is what is hurting Owens right now. Booking Ambrose right now would help but superstars and make the title contention interesting.

Does it elevate the Intercontinental Title? Sure it does. If Reigns had not been the choice to win the Fatal Four Way match on Monday night, I would say he would have been the right choice to challenge Owens and get to the main event by way of tradition.

Frankly, WWE has forgotten what tradition means and my never remember it.

If Owens is going to remain relevant, Ambrose and his white hot appeal is the way to go.

[adinserter block=”2″]WWE can figure everything out after this happens. There is some urgency, however, because the Reigns situation throws everything out of lack.

Now that it appears Reigns and his opportunity is around the corner in Atlanta. Then the company can deal with Owens, and hope it is not too late to salvage a great angle where Owens continues to shine. The recent events have done him in. Not his ability, his promos and not his energy.

WWE still needs to cash in on this, before its way too late.

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