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Kevin Owen Is the Right WWE Champion at the Right Time

The swerve heard around the wrestling world.

I have been saying this for some time. Kevin Owens should be the face of WWE and Triple H should be at his side as an advisor. Oh, how everything is right in the wrestling world. There hasn’t been this kind of a surprise in this company in years. And finally, WWE got it right.

Owens was right – he took down a giant, proved an architect wrong and destroyed an empire in one night. And with that, a new era once again is born. Think of the potential matchups. All the opposition. The chance that maybe Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns become a “thing” again and the battle lines drawn between Stephanie McMahon and her husband. Welcome to Ruthless Aggression and Attitude all rolled into one. This is the fan of this business talking, not so much the writer who has been waiting for bombshells to happen and careers to change. This is what professional wrestling should have been for some time. We waited and finally the prayers and begging paid off.

Now, WWE moves forward.

There was a moment on Monday night when you saw the real Kevin Owens. The guy who has fought long and hard to get to the top of the mountain. Much like Charlotte when she was presented the Women’s Title, you saw vulnerability, you saw reality. Don’t ever tell me these wrestlers are human to some degree. They fight for their success just like you and me.

I was talking the other night with Heather Webber, an independent wrestler here in town. She is on the road to success, but like Owens and others before her, is paying her dues as a neophyte in a business that takes patience and determination. Webber, who is 25 years old, beautiful and likes to kick ass in the ring, knows this is a slow process. She has a plan, much like Owens did, much like Seth Rollins did and much like any other performer who gets in a ring.

Those plans have paid off for Owens, who is now “the” man on professional wrestling’s top program and the No. 1 marked man in this business. I’m sure he wouldn’t want it any other way. How WWE plans to book Owens will determine how far he takes the Universal Heavyweight Title and how long he will remain at the apex of this company. By the look of things on Monday night and the staredown between Triple H and Stephanie, it could be a long time before Owens is knocked off the pedestal.

And with that, the possibilities are endless. I’m curious how the company will build Rollins and Triple H. Will it carry over until WrestleMania 33? Where does Reigns factor in all of this and does he finally take a turn to the dark side? Does Cass get a singles run or will he remain part of the tag team picture with Enzo?

WWE has invested too much time in this kind of development for it to become a short term solution. The brand split dictates this must be a slow burn. Owens has proven he is capable of winning any match at any time against any opponent. Personally, I cannot wait to see Rollins challenge him. I would love to see his “best friend” Chris Jericho ask for a title shot and ultimately, want to see Cesaro get a title match he deserves.

I guess you could say WWE got my attention on Monday night. Mine and a few million fans. If this is really the start of a solid program for Owens, I hope the company does not screw it up. He doesn’t deserve that. And when you think of it, neither do we. Like the current Universal Heavyweight Champion, we deserve this as much as he does.

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