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Kevin Nash quits TNA on Twitter

Kevin NashAt 51, Kevin Nash is still innovating in pro wrestling. Kevin Nash quit TNA on Twitter and ripped into Rob Van Dam and others. This is the first time a high profile wrestler quit on Twitter. Hey, if you want to get the attention of Dixie Carter than Twitter is the place to reach her right?

Controversy and Kevin Nash have seemed to go hand in hand throughout the career of Big Sexy. Nash’s latest stunt is a bit of a surprise since this the first time in the five years he has been with TNA Wrestling that he has spoken out so harshly against the company. Nash made up for lost time lashing out against TNA, Rob Van Dam, and anyone who has dared criticized Big Daddy Cool over the last few months.

“you can say what you want about me I don’t give a F**K ,but to ever question my integrity we no longer have a business relationship. and to the person that said every September I go to work for my self ,f**k you you didn’t even see it. mid card bullshit neverbeens f**k you. You want to go to war with the best, hope you f**kers don’t live in glass houses. sorry to the 33′276 that have no idea what I’m ranting 4. 10- 10- 10 shit 1099. Jason Heary (Jason Hervy is who he is referring to) made me tweet that guess you have to stayed tune after impact 4 the answers. I’m a f**king man not some green horn boy .you don’t like what I do fine .Pay me the dates you owe me .let my accounts look at the books. RVD said Jeff hardy and him are rock stars ,in my prime I was selling out 30′000 plus seat domes they can’t draw 1000 on the road. WTF. I will work out my TNA contract anbd see what life brings me ,to my fans I love you and words can never explain what you mean to me. to the haters glad I was able to be there to dump on me to make u feel better about your f**kED up lifes. going to take some time off twitter , will still read tweets just need to decompress away from the wrestling world. much love …..Kev.”

When asked via tweet if this means he’s leaving TNA:

“no moving on.”

When asked via tweet about his contract:
“deal is up Oct. 12 midnight then no one can f**k with me .”

Kevin Nash is obviously very angry and upset about a number of different subjects. One that immediately sticks out is a recent commentary posted by Rob Van Dam on his website. In the commentary RVD refers to himself and Jeff Hardy as “rock stars.”

“TNA brought in two rock stars, and look at the company now! Dixie often points out how hiring Jeff Hardy and RVD started a whole new era, why do some of the wrestlers not see it? Too, young, too green, too selfish to have the correct perspective. Whereas some of the TNA ‘stars’ are lucky to get recognized walking around the studios, Jeff and myself live like actual celebrities, signing autographs and taking pictures EVERYWHERE we go.”

Obviously Kevin Nash’s Twitter rampage was about more than just Rob Van Dam. Nash is apparently frustrated with TNA management and is walking away from the company. The latest turn of events is really interesting. I heard about a month ago that Kevin Nash was going to be involved with the new startup group funded by Milton Wilpon in a big way. When I heard the news I said to my source, “Isn’t he under contract to TNA?” My source said, “It is expiring.” So Kevin Nash’s public resignation from TNA makes a lot of sense.

Nothing has been confirmed one way or the other about Nash’s involvement in the Milton Wilpon group. I can’t imagine that Nash would be banking on it after the latest news of contract problems and people leaving. Another WWE run would be a real interesting possibility. Yet the WWE seems intent on going with a younger direction so I can’t imagine that Nash would fit into the current mold of WWE programming. Nash did negotiate with the WWE last year in between signing a new deal with TNA Wrestling so the fact that they even engaged in negotiations tells me that there would at least be interest there.

There is always the possibility that the Twitter posts are just a work to set up for a feud with either Rob Van Dam or Jeff Jarrett. Lord knows how much Dixie Carter loves Twitter, which makes me a little skeptical on the legitimacy of the posts. Either way this is really the first time that a major pro wrestler has done anything like this on Twitter and the fact that it was Kevin Nash to be the first is quite a bit of irony.

Follow Kevin Nash on Twitter @REALKEVINNASH

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