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Kerry Katona Looks Happier Than Ever After Her Breast Reduction Surgery

It seems she is happy with the results this time.

British Singer, Kerry Katona is showing her fans the results of the breast reduction surgery she most recently underwent. She claimed that she was really happy with the results of the procedure done by the surgeons. The former Atomic Kitten member also said jokingly that she has now joined the “itty bitty t*itty club”.

Kerry has always talked about how painful it has been for her because of the large breasts and how much she has always wanted to get rid of the pain. Before the surgery, she shared her pre-check-up images with her fans.

Here is everything we know about the singer’s recent endeavor so far:

Who is Kerry Katona?

Kerry Jane Elizabeth Katona is a Singer based in the United Kingdom. At an early age, she left school to become a lap dancer and after that, she ended up in a dance troupe touring the European countries.

She became a member of the popular girl group Atomic Kitten in 1998 but left in 2001, only to join them again in 2012 and again departed in 2017 for good. She became the first queen of the jungle after winning the 2004’s “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”.

Kerry During Pre-Check-up

Kerry shared photos and videos on her Instagram stories before undergoing the procedure where she said: “I’m very excited. I’m actually a Triple-D which is like an E. I’m hoping to go down to a C or a D”. She also shared that she was very nervous despite being used to it.

She said: “I am nervous; my mouth is dead dry. I should be used to this by now, I’ve been sliced and diced that much I should probably give instructions.”

Kerry on Instagram After Surgery

Kerry took to her Instagram account after the successful procedure and shared a video with her fans where she discussed the procedure, thanked the surgeons, and showed off the latest results. She was seen twirling around in the video with excitement.

She said in the video: “I’m still recovering well. The stitches are amazing, my back feels great, and there’s nothing there! I haven’t been on here for ages because I’ve been recovering but today is the first day I feel a bit alright, I feel a bit OK.”

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She then lifted her top and showed her fans her waist and added: “I’ve got my baggy jumper on because I need to lose a bit of weight first, and then I’ll be in proportion.”

She also shared a picture of the cheeky get well soon card from her daughter which read: “This is your official acceptance letter to the itty bitty t*tty community. You’re probably our first member who not only chose to join but paid.”

The fans rejoiced at her return on social media and congratulated her for the successful procedure.



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