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Kenny Florian Beats The Crap Out Of Danny Bonaduce

Kenny Florian and Danny BonaduceDoes anyone really need a reason to watch Danny Bonaduce get punched in the face? I know I don’t. Watch this video of UFC fighter Kenny Florian punching Danny Bonaduce in the face multiple times. Florian doesn’t hold back and unloads on the D-List celebrity. I guess Ken Flo wasn’t a big Partridge Family fan.

[adinserter block=”2″]I posted a similar video last year of Tito Ortiz punching Danny Bonaduce in the face. The difference here is that Bonaduce does not wear head gear. Quite frankly the guy is insane. Bonaduce wanted to see “what he was made of” so he let Kenny Florian go to town with head shots and body strikes. Bonaduce doesn’t stand much of a chance and goes down quick thanks to a flurry by Ken Flo.

Now if Kenny Florian can only hit that hard against BJ Penn. Well, he’d have to catch him first.

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