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Kendrick Lamar New Album ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’ Release Date Announced

Kendrick Lamar announced his new album ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’ through a link that he tweeted earlier today, set to release on May 13th, 2022.

The greatest rapper in the history of the rap industry, Kendrick Lamar makes a return for the first time since his 2017 album DAMN.

New Album by Kendrick Lamar Title and Release Date Announced

This link, which Kendrick tweeted to a post where it was assumed that he has retired revealed the new album’s title and the release date. When you open the site which is under the domain Oklama, it brings you to two folders.

One is titled ‘nu thoughts’ which is marked as 28 August 2021, meaning that the production for this album started during that time.

The small paragraph is about the kind of place that he has been in the past two years. There are some great lines and emphatic metaphors like when he talks about

‘There’s beauty in completion. And always faith in the unknown.’

Also in the same text, he talks about the mental trauma that the pandemic and the protests had on his soul. He talks about leaving his phone for months and being silent until there was something he had to talk about.

And the time is ripe for the next album and political thoughts to be spread like wildfire. Cuz we have all been waiting for Kendrick to put his two cents into the matter.

The next folder appears to be hollow but when you open it up, there is a letter. This confirms that the person known as oklama is indeed Kendrick as he owns the company pgLang.

The album will be released on May 13th, 2022. Any information related to the album will be released through the same site itself.

Success with Family Ties With Baby Keem

Last year, Kendrick made his return to music after 2 years since the Black Panther soundtrack by appearing on his nephew’s new album, The Melodic Blue.

The track, Family Ties, is aptly named because of the rappers’ connections. It also talks about the state of the country which needed people of color to come together to do something about it.

The track became a major hit in the USA, becoming a TikTok trend. It also earned Baby Keem his first Grammy and Kendrick’s 14 for Best Rap Performance earlier this year.

Stan Twitter React to Kendrick’s Big Return

Of course, whenever anything from the music industry is released to the general public everyone has a thing to say. But in Kendrick’s case, nothing but applause came when he released the title and release date of his fifth album.

Giving a nod to the original tweet to which Kendrick responded, this fan makes a funny comment about Kendrick being not even close to retiring.

As soon as the link dropped the buzz around the whole thing was mind-numbing with everyone from the boys in the hood to the pretty plastics tweeting about this momentous occasion.

It hasn’t even been two hours since the tweet and the link that Kendrick dropped and stan Twitter wants the tracklist right now. But we also can’t help it so Kendrick please release it soon.

The most exciting news all this year-round, Kendrick releasing another album after 5 years is amazing. The state of the world and America have changed so much and the most honest and political rapper is back.



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