Ken Shamrock Wants To Return To The WWE


A recent report indicates that a former WWE intercontinental champion wants back into the world of pro wrestling. The World’s Most Dangerous Man Ken Shamrock wishes to return and while I wasn’t a big fan, I think there could be some money left in the ultimate fighter.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Wrestling Observer reported last week that former WWE I-C champion Ken Shamrock wants back in. Shamrock wrestled in the WWE from 1997-1999 and assimilated well to the product. It was no surprise as Shamrock had a pro wrestling background going in. But how would he do almost fifteen years later?

Shamrock is 49 years old and falling apart. He lost his last MMA fight back in 2010 simply by walking backwards in the middle of the fight. It hasn’t been an easy road for Shamrock who is one of the pioneers of the UFC. Shamrock had successful return to the UFC drawing a record crowd to watch MMA when he fought Tito Ortiz on television. Unfortunately he crashed hard from there.

Shamrock left the UFC shortly thereafter and it didn’t end well. Shamrock sued the UFC who in turn sued Shamrock. Shamrock lost his lawsuit against Zuffa and was ordered to pay their attorney fees totaling upwards of $175,000. Ken Shamrock while in the UFC Hall of Fame burnt his bridge likely forever with the lawsuits.

It only got worse. Shamrock became a joke as an MMA fighter. Injuries and age caught up to the MMA pioneer. Shamrock has gone 2-7 in his last nine fights since 2005. Every single one of those losses ended in the first round. On top of that, he wound up testing positive for steroids after one of his wins.

This brings us to a return to the WWE. I do think there is a place for Shamrock if his body can handle the wrestling ring which is a serious question. There are two easy matches right off the top you can book Shamrock in. The obvious would be Brock Lesnar. Even if Ken is booked to get destroyed, I kind of think there is something there, if Shamrock is built up properly. The other easy match for Shamrock of course being Jack Swagger in a battle of ankle locks

If there is one thing that Shamrock can still do it is cut a promo. Even past his prime he was able to talk the biggest audience in MMA history at the time into tuning in to watch him get destroyed by Tito Ortiz. The man knows how to sell a match. Injuries or not, he can still bring a great promo to the table.

[adinserter block=”2″]I am not saying that the WWE needs Ken Shamrock at all. I am just simply looking at the story and analyzing any opportunities that would work for both Shamrock and the WWE. Do I think he is coming back? No. I don’t think the WWE would take a risk signing him at his age and with his injuries. I do think that it is worth exploring but at the end of the day I just don’t see it happening.

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