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Katie Price Reveals the Result of Her 14th Breast Implant in A Bikini

Living her breast life.

Katie Price has revealed the after image of what appears to be her 14th Breast Job. The model revealed her latest pair in a bikini on a boat with her fiancé.

Katie’s love for plastic surgeries has no competition as she continues to try the latest procedures wherever she can. Here are more details about her latest procedure:

Katie’s Latest Implants

Katie Price who is currently 43 flaunted her assets in the latest pictures of her. The model can be seen flashing a big smile in the photos where she shares the frame with her fiancé.

Katie shows off her latest pair of breasts while wearing a patterned bikini top and paired it with a white-colored sarong wrap with tasles. The photos were apparently from her trip to Thailand with her fiancé Carl Woods.

Katie Price looked pretty content with her latest procedure after jetting to Bangkok for filming. The former glamour model currently shares her exclusive content on OnlyFans. This procedure was Katie’s 14th breast implant.

Katie and Implants

Katie and Implants are two words that have been heard more than often and her love for new procedures has yet to see an end. Her latest procedure before this was just last year in December when she underwent liposuction and had some fat removed from her buttocks. She also had her breasts lifted at the BeClinic in Brussels.

Katie is pretty honest and outspoken about her implants and proudly shows off her body after every procedure whether it is a hit or miss. After her 11th breast implant in 2020, she proudly showed off the scars that were left after the procedure.

Katie shared her experience of going under procedure very often and also talked about the pain she goes through in every procedure. She told The Sun: “If I’m honest with you if there’s no pain, there’s no gain. The price of beauty is sometimes you have to go through pain. Is it painful? The first surgery I had was uncomfortable.”

She also added: “These boobs have been to America, England, Belgium and now these are Turkey boobs. I’ve just had them reduced. My old implants – I have them in a bag – they were a thousand CC and, Jesus, when I hold them they were really heavy. I think I’ve got 795 in so that is a lot smaller and they feel smaller. I’m so excited because finally I’m gonna be able to wear clothes I don’t look fat in.”

The first procedure that Katie ever had was in 1998 when she boosted her breasts from 32B to 32C.



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