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Kane’s Brilliance Summed Up In First Segment of WWE Raw

In one 10-minute segment on Monday Night Raw, we finally saw the Kane we had becomes used to seeing when he first made his appearance in the WWE. And as a fan and a writer, I believe the move to a more destructive, evil, sinister character is the proper way to go in terms of entertainment value and the overall feel we are supposed accept as the WWE Universe moves towards Extreme Rules.

[adinserter block=”1″]While this pay-per-view is one that has a Brock Lesnar feel for it, Kane – whether he captures the WWE World Title or not – will be the destructive force of the pay-per-view and will shine like never before.

On many occasions, I have moaned how the WWE has not given this man the proper respect he deserves. While the Undertaker is the most seasoned performer on the roster, Kane is the most underrated and most respected. And nobody can argue with that kind of statement.

For the past two decades Kane has shown everything that is right in the world of professional wrestling and when he dismantled Daniel Bryan (which by the way was a dead giveaway when Brie was standing in the ring with him) it was pure electricity.

And a great way to start the Raw program.

In my time as a fan and writer over the years, we have witnessed heels who got over with the fans who were ‘tweeners like Steve Austin, Randy Savage, Ric Flair and even Superstar Billy Graham. There have been heels who never resonated with fans like Alberto Del Rio upon his arrival to the WWE. With Kane, you get the entire picture and the complexity of his character in a few moves, a solid look and the fire from within. All of this makes for a compelling cartoon character who comes alive week after week and has been missing in action way too long.

While I like Kane as a fan favorite and a face, the sappy crap the company put him through over the past 18 months in my opinion diminished his character and put him in a situation like Mark Henry and Big Show where they needed one more true run as a heel and bad ass to be taken seriously.

This was Kane’s fate as well. The Team Hell No skits were cute and the tag team wrestling was pretty darn good, but a foe of Daniel Bryan is better than a playmate of Daniel Bryan.

Kane made his first appearance in the WWE at Badd Blood: In Your House on October, 1997, by using The Undertaker’s own Tombstone Piledriver to cost him the victory in the first-ever Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels. In keeping with the notion that Kane had been scarred by the fire – and to conceal Kane’s identity – the character wore a mask, sported long hair, and wore red and black ring attire that almost covered his entire body.

Kane and The Undertaker feuded with one another over the following year, during which time their history against one another was expounded. He won his first match as Kane against Mankind at Survivor Series. In weeks prior on Raw, Kane had randomly attacked other wrestlers including Ahmed Johnson, Road Warrior Hawk, the Hardy Boyz, Flash Funk, and Cactus Jack/Mankind’s alter ego, Dude Love.

From then on, the man has become an institution within the company and someone the lockerroom and roster have depended on and trusted in the ring. Now in the twilight of his career (yes, at some point it will come to an end), he shows his true colors and the man we first were introduced to some 17 years ago.

[adinserter block=”2″]Even in this new era of attitude, Kane’s contribution to the WWE and his chance at the WWE World Title are still a major highlight we all follow with extreme passion.

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  1. Well since Bryan’s dad had died right him off in the first 10 minutes of RAW take the WWE corporate jet to his home and plan funeral.

    While this happened make Kane look like a monster and set up Bryan’s first title defense and easy win.

    Very classy move WWE !!!!


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