Kane vs. Seth Rollins: Where WWE Logic Meets Predictability

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Kane is in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship hunt and it shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone. After all, Seth has been asking for a visit from The Big Red Machine for months now. Week after week he mocked Kane, he criticized him and he disrespected him at every turn.

[adinserter block=”1″]Sooner or later, Kane was going to put the hood on and respond which is exactly what happened. Now WWE’s Director of Operations is going all business casual and coming after Seth while hell follows with him.

A lot of fans don’t care about it of course and that’s to be expected. It’s not really against Kane as much as it is against the booking; Seth has had quite the list of challengers since he won the belt and unless he’s facing a top draw, the crowd is not really going to pop for it.

John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Sting. Think about that. Seth had three future Hall of Famers in a row coming after him and he managed to outlast all of them. He’s retained the title despite the odds being against him, despite The Authority leaving him to his own devices and despite fans wanting to see him lose and lose right now.

Then along comes Kane. To say that he’s in a tough spot in terms of getting over is an understatement. If this were the Kane of old then maybe it would not be such a hard sell. If this were the fire breathing, brimstone snacking demon from hell getting in Rollins’ face then fan reaction would surely be different.

But it’s not. This is the corporate sell-out Kane, the guy that traded in his black and red for a suit and tie. He has been sitting at the right hand of Triple H for a long time now and when you earn that reputation, it’s extremely hard to come back from.

Kane can still work so that’s not the problem. CM Punk has stated that wrestling Kane was fairly easy and honestly it shows. I personally do not recall ever seeing Kane be too stiff or working snug just because he could. He protects his opponents and can still get his stuff in while getting the match over at the same time.

The heat between the two makes perfect sense so there‘s no issue there. Kane has just been pushed to his breaking point and now he’s snapped. Rollins must pay for what he’s said and done to Kane; anyone in his spot would have done the same.

It’s the classic story of heels turning on each other. It’s the evil of arrogance and the price of avarice coming together in a pro wrestling ring; we’ve seen it a thousand times. Kane and Seth are just the latest examples of it.

But no matter how good this rivalry may sound on paper, fans still do not seem to be up for it. It should be getting over and it actually should be over right now. It’s not though and maybe it’s not just because of the booking. Maybe it’s because fans likely already know how this is going to end and quite frankly that’s boring.

The chances of Kane actually winning the belt are slim to none and fans know it. The chase is interesting and Kane’s involvement is plausible but after that, there’s nothing. There might be some dramatic moments in this angle at some point but there’s no drama right now and that’s the point.

Fans just do not believe Rollins is losing to Kane. There’s no angle the company could take that makes any sense to anyone. If there is no possibility of the title changing hands then there is no possibility that fans will become emotionally invested.

Fans need to care and when they don’t, it’s a bad day for everyone involved. Kane will keep entertaining as he always has; Seth will keep working lights out in the ring because that’s who he is. Both guys will do what they do and in any other era, this feud would be not only good, it could possibly be great.

[adinserter block=”2″]But right now, in 2015? Not so much. Kane is a fill-in contender for the championship and while he’s much better than that, it’s the role he’s been given and the move will likely not help WWE’s ratings. The company has been struggling as of late to get back on track and featuring the top titleholder against a talent that is past his prime and has no chance of winning will not do much good at all.

But Kane is a pro and every time his number has been called, he’s been more than up to the challenge. He will do what he does against the best hand in the company and Seth will come out better for the experience. Getting the rub from a veteran is very important and it means everything to Rollins, who is still building his legacy in WWE.

The fact that Kane has never been more unhinged is just an added bonus. He’s in his element and truth be told Seth is likely having fun with it. That may not sound like much but it’s something and at this point, it’s really all we have.

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