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Kane Speaks Candidly On Daniel Bryan And Paul Bearer

Kane is a WWE character that has more longevity than only a handful of current WWE stars, 18 years to be exact. He has been through different eras, feuds, managers, etc. That is why it is interesting to hear him speak on his career, which he did in a recent interview with The Flagship.

[adinserter block=”1″]Glen Jacobs would be a heck of a shoot interview. Unfortunately that is probably never going to happen. So when he does talk, especially when he does so candidly, it is always interesting. Jacobs gave a lengthy interview to the Norfolk Navy Flagship on a variety of topics, including teaming with Daniel Bryan and losing his longtime friend and manager Paul Bearer.

Kane was very insightful when speaking about how Bearer impacted his career. Kane even references Bearer’s pre-WWE run as Percy Pringle in the interview.

He was an integral part of my early years as Kane. Without Paul Bearer, there wouldn’t have been a Kane, because he was such an important part of that story. Also, we traveled together for a few years, so it was a loss on a personal level for me as well. He came back and managed me in 2010 when I was World Champion, which was really cool – again against The Undertaker. Just like everyone else, I was a big fan of Paul Bearer and Percy Pringle, and all of the other names that he went by. It was a tough loss for everybody. We went to the viewing and what was really amazing was there were flowers there from all over the country – really, all over the world. It was nice to see an outpouring of affection from fans all over the place.

I wouldn’t expect anything different but you would have to think that Kane is taking the loss pretty hard right now. One topic that I thought was interesting was his current run in Team Hell No. It’s a much different role for a guy who was stalking Eve and John Cena just over a year ago. Kane likes the spot and is enjoying the new comedic aspect to his character.

Well, he’s different – that’s for sure. What’s cool about Daniel Bryan is that I have now been able to do something that I’ve never been able to do before. Kane has always been sort of a dark character. With Daniel Bryan, we’ve been able to add a lot more lightheartedness, some humor and a lot of comedy. It works even better because it’s such a contrast from what I’ve normally done in the past. He’s completely different than any tag-team partner I’ve ever had. He’s a pain – a monumental pain to get along with.

[adinserter block=”2″]I am a big fan of the team and hope that they stay together for awhile. It appeared that they were heading towards a breakup and WrestleMania match at the Royal Rumble. It would seem that WWE creative has taken a different direction as the impending split appears to be off. I think it’s inevitable that they split, but I still think they have some legs. It’s one of the best acts in the WWE today.

Check out the entire interview for yourself over at It’s worth a read.

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  1. Kane will go down as one of the most underutilised and underrated WWE talents in recent memory. He can cut a better promo than all but half a dozen wrestlers on the roster yet WWE never took advantage of this. Wasted in comedy, gimmick and transition feuds. What a waste of his talents.


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