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Kane in the Ring, Cesaro as a Face & Other WWE Thoughts

Now that we know Undertaker will face Brock Lesnar and John Cena is headed for a crash course with Bray Wyatt, the WWE must at some point address the most glaring question left unanswered in the company – Will Kane ever find the ring again on a full-time basis?

The loss of the Big Red Monster in the ring is a crying shame in my opinion – one the WWE may have done because of a roster full of superstars and not enough space for everyone, but it galls me to see one of the best in-ring performers standing on the sidelines as part of the Authority.

If this were the old Degeneration X, Kane would be starring in the role that was taken by Rick Rude, which baffled me for some time. While Kane and Rude are in many ways the same in terms of their creativity to the company and their potential for excitement, Kane’s path in the company warrants more than just being a “bit” player in this angle that must find a resolution to see the man in red back in a mask beating the hell out of his opponents. Anything else is in my mind, criminal on so many levels.

Cesaro as a face

The WWE may have finally hit on something great with Antonio Cesaro. With a tremendous gimmick, a rugged look and the potential to walk right through Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, the company will it gold if it can get Cesaro to play up to the crowd but allow him to continue to wrestle in the same style he has been since coming to the WWE.

In other words, do not touch his in-ring abilities.

There is so much to like about Cesaro as a wrestler, especially those of us who watched Dory Funk Je and Harley Race in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He is a specialist of the best kind, a true “wrestler” in that sense where – if he had been a 1980s performer, Bob Backlund, Billy Robinson, Verne Gagne and possibly Bruno Sammartino would have all stood in line to test wills with the “Swiss Strongman.”

When Cesaro won the United States Title from Santino Marella, it was supposed to be the kick start of Cesaro as a major player in the company. That did not happen because he appeared to be plain and robotic and that did not sit well with Vince McMahon.

Now, as Cesaro has evolved and shown the likes of Randy Orton, John Cena and Daniel Bryan he is every bit as competent a wrestler and performer as they are (I would say more than Cena, but that is just me), the WWE Universe really sees Cesaro for what he is. And the older crowds see a little something in their past that gives us hope the former style of wrestling is not dead forever.

Other WWE HOF thoughts

Now that Lita will follow Trish Status into the Hall of Fame, who will be the next female to get her name called? Here are some thoughts about that.

Miss Elizabeth deserves her own place in the HOF for various reasons. While her connection to the WWE/WWF will always be with Randy Savage, Elizabeth did more than stand outside the ring and cause issues for the Macho Man. In her own way, Elizabeth sit a tone of humanization to the “sport” as it was talked about back in the day.

The love story between the two was “real” and the appeal, with her looks and charm, made her equally as popular as her giant superstar husband.

If the WWE does not induct Savage next year and the Poffo family, hopefully they will see straight to get half the union right and induct this leading lady.

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