Juul Ban: e-Cigarette Company Gets a Temporary Hold on FDA Ban


Juul was earlier banned by the FDA.

Juul the e-cigarette maker company has managed to hold off the ban on their products that was previously approved by the FDA. IT was announced by the FDA earlier that Juul must stop selling its products and that the existing products will be taken off the shelves.

However, the company filed a motion soon while seeking a temporary hold on the ban of their products and appealed the sales ban. This led to the FDA allowing the e-cigarette company to sell their products for the time being.

So what exactly is Juul, why was it getting banned and how did they manage to hold off the ban? Here is everything we know about it so far:

What is Juul?

Juul Labs, Inc. is an electronic cigarette company based in America. The company makes the popular Juul electronic cigarette which contains one-time use cartridges holding atomized nicotine salts derived from tobacco.

By 2017, which was also the company’s founding year, Juul became the most popular e-cigarette in the United States. The company refers to its product as a “Smoking Alternativen unlike any E-Cigarette or Vape”.

Why Is It Getting Banned?

Considering the high nicotine concentrations in Juul, its widespread use especially among the youths has raised controversies over the health issues. It has been a constant part of multiple investigations by the public health community and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The company already agreed to pull certain flavored cartridges off the market after an investigation by the FDA in 2018. Similar events continued and the company’s shares already fell to 41% by October 2021. On 23 June 2022, FDA denied all authorizations for Juul to continue selling in the US and issued MDOs that banned further marketing or sales.

The FDA issued the ban on Juul by stating: “The company must stop selling and distributing these products. In addition, those currently on the US market must be removed, or risk enforcement action.” They also claimed that Juul’s application didn’t have enough evidence to prove that marketing their product “would be appropriate for the protection of the public health.”

How Did Juul Manage to Hold Off the Ban?

As soon as the ban was issued, Juul immediately filed an emergency motion on Friday that sought a temporary hold while appealing the sales ban. The e-cigarette company called the FDA’s ban an “extraordinary and unlawful action” that would have required them to halt their business immediately and asked the court to pause the ban.

Soon after that on Friday, a federal appeals court temporarily blocked the government ban which has allowed Juul to continue selling its electronic cigarettes for now at least. On the other hand, the FDA has allowed companies like R.J. Reynolds and Logic to continue selling.


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