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Jussie Smollett Sentenced to Jail for False Hate Crime Report

American actor and very famous Jussie Smollet have been surrounded by a legal tussle recently. The actor and singer have been sentenced to jail for a false report of hate crime. Jussie has been sentenced to five months of Jail for reporting a fake FIR stating that he faced homophobic and racist attacks.

The Chicago court Judge James B. Linn excoriated Mr. Smollett from the bench during a five-hour hearing. He stated that despite his and his family’s excellent prior efforts in social justice, he had an arrogant, selfish side and had planned the prank because he “craved the spotlight.”

The court said in his scathing address that Mr. Smollett’s name had become associated with lying, that he had attempted to hold a “national pity party” for himself, and that Mr. Smollett’s actions had damaged other hate crime victims at a critical time in America’s history of racism. The judge stated, “You peeled the scabs off some mending wounds and ripped them apart.” “And for one reason: you wanted to become more well-known.”

The infuriation of the court is valid enough as false cases lead to lessening the law’s impact. Due to such false complaints, actual offenders get escaped and actual victims remain unrepresented. This social chaos can only be tackled when such instances are curbed. Even the prosecutor handling the case advocated that Smollet worsened the case by himself only.

Earlier he was also accused of Felony and misconduct and subsequently three-year jail imprisonment was there. But the judge reduced the term and asked him to serve in a local jail. It all began in 2019 when the news was bombarded when Smollet filed a complaint. According to him, two men wearing ski masks came to him and passed several homophobic and racist remarks.

He further alleged that the men used their feet and hands to kind of assault him. According to him the men then poured an unknown liquid on him and ran away. Jussie was then treated in a hospital where he was said to be in a good condition and then was released. Soon after the case began the Grand Jury charged him for filing a false case.

The sentence on Thursday might be the concluding chapter in a criminal case that grabbed international news after Smollett alleged to police that two men wearing ski masks beat him up and yelled racist and homophobic slurs at him before fleeing on a dark Chicago street.

In December, Smollett was found guilty in a trial that featured the evidence of two brothers who said that Smollett hired them to carry out the assault, gave them money for the ski masks and rope, and directed them to make a noose out of the rope. The racist remarks according to him were MAGA country which means Trump, former President of the USA’s country.



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