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Jung Ho-Yeon and Lee Jung-Jae Troy Win SAG Awards for Squid Games

Netflix’s popular Korean series Squid Games touched heights and feats as soon as it was aired. The series was a massive hit and was watched by people around the globe. Another feat has been achieved by the Hwang Dong-hyuk directed series in the Screen Actors Guild Awards, also known as the SAG awards.

It was a momentous Sunday night for the cast and crew of the Korean series ‘Squid Game’ at the 2022 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. The Korean TV drama earned two acting awards and an ensemble award at the SAG awards. Actor Lee Jung-Jae took home the Actor for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series. Further actress Jung Ho-Yeon won Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series.

When Ho-Yeon received the award she thanked a series of people. In her thanking speech, she said ” First and foremost, thank you so much. I’ve sat in front of the television many times, thinking of one day being an actor like all others. I just wanted to express my gratitude.” Ho Yeon became overwhelmed during her acceptance speech, and she was spotted in tears. “Thank you for making my dream and allowing me to walk through the door, she remarked.”

It was not just Ho-Yeon who expressed her gratitude, Jung-Jae too was absolutely happy with his achievement. He said “Oh, my goodness! Thank you a lot. What has occurred to me is genuinely monumental. I did write something, but I’m not sure I’ll ever read it. He further thanked SAG Awards by saying thank you very much. Thank you to all of the “Squid Game” fans throughout the world, and thank you to the “Squid Game” staff.”

Not only did the spree of awards ended here. The program also took home the award for Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble at the SAG Awards on Sunday night. This marks the historic winning as it makes Squid games, the first Korean show to ever win the coveted category in the history of the awards ceremony. The series was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. But unfortunately, it was defeated by HBO’s ‘Succession.’

Squid games is a Korean series that was released in September 2021. The series earned a hooping profit of $1 billion while it took only $21 million in making. It was a thriller series that fetched a huge audience and fan base. It was one of the most popular series on Netflix. It revolves around 456 players, playing various games under a defined area.

The series gets more interesting and intense as the game played is a life-death one. Hundreds and thousands of cash strapped in a bubble attract adverse and poor fellows to compete in children’s games. As the episodes go on, the story becomes more engaging involving action, thrill, and drama. The series is a complete package and a must-watch for all Netflix fans.



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