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Judge Will Not Drop Charges Against Jimmy Superfly Snuka

In yet another interesting twist to the Nancy Argentino homicide case, a judge ruled today that charges will not be dropped against WWE Hall of Fame superstar Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Snuka is charged with homicide in a case that dates back to 1983.

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Laurie Mason Schroeder of the Allentown Morning Call reports, “Chief Deputy District Attorney Charles Gallagher made the request after Banach denied his motion to force Snuka to undergo outpatient treatment, following her ruling that Snuka, 73, was incompetent to stand trial for the 1983 death of his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino.”

“If you believe that he’s not going to become competent, then what’s the point?” Gallagher asked the judge.”

Judge Banach refused to make the judgment based on an evaluation that went on for a mere four days. The article in the Morning Call goes on to report the complexities of the case. According to the judge, the case is highly unusual in that in most cases Snuka would have been incarcerated in a state mental hospital yet in this case, Snuka is free on $100,000 bail.

Snuka’s attorneys claim that Snuka is suffering from dementia. His team claims that Snuka’s symptoms have worsened since June and that Snuka doesn’t recognize his own wife. The defense is confident that no new evidence will be introduced that would claim Snuka’s dementia could be reversed.

The case brings to light one of the biggest urban legends in pro wrestling history. Anyone who wrestled with Jimmy Snuka in the 1980s has probably been asked in shoot interviews over the last two decades about the case. Most are more willing to talk about it today than his peers were years after the incident.

There are many that question Snuka’s claims of dementia. The article cites a forensic psychiatrist who testified for the prosecution that he believed Snuka was putting on an act. Dr. John O’Brien cited his conclusion based on watching Snuka interact with people at the courthouse.

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This news also comes just a few weeks after Snuka was advertised to appear at Wrestlecon in Orlando. Nobody in the condition claimed by Snuka’s team would be likely to appear at a wrestling convention. Many questioned the authenticity behind Snuka’s defense after seeing him promoted for the convention. Snuka’s team claims that the promoters advertised Snuka without Snuka’s consent.

Another interesting note to Snuka is that he recent joined a crew of former pro wrestlers in a lawsuit against the WWE and Vince McMahon. Snuka alleged that he suffered concussions and brain damage as a result of wrestling in the WWE. For years, many have questioned Vince McMahon’s involvement in an alleged cover-up of the homicide. It will be fascinating to see if Vince breaks his silence as a result of Snuka’s involvement in the lawsuit.

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