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Joss Stone Is Expecting Second Baby After Suffering Miscarriage

There are rainbows after storms.”

In a truly heartwarming set of events, Joss Stone has announced that she is expecting a second child with boyfriend Cody DaLuz. She shared the great news on her social media but what also came along with a sad piece of news about her miscarriage in the past.

The singer shared an emotional video on her social media where she revealed both the good and sad news. Here is everything we know so far:

Who Is Joss Stone?

Joss Stone is a professional English singer as well as a songwriter and actress. Although Joscelyn Eve Stoker is her real name, she has been popularly known as Joss Stone. She got fame first in 2003 after her debut album The Soul Sessions which got her many plates of platinum and also got shortlisted for the 2004 Mercury Prize.

Joss has won many awards including one Grammy and two Brit Awards. She first appeared in the film industry in the fantasy feature film Eragon in 2006 which happens to be her acting debut.

Joss On Instagram

Joss shared a tearful video from her Instagram account and revealed that she is expecting another baby with her husband. But she also revealed the sad circumstances that led to her miscarriage in October 2021.

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Joss is already a mother to daughter Violet. She said in the video: “I have a bit of an announcement to make which is kind of mixed. It’s beautiful and not at the same time,” she began. “Last year, in October, I lost a baby,” she continued, getting teary-eyed. “It was really horrible because it was my baby, and I know that a lot of women go through that. It was just hard.”

She also added: “I went to the doctor and said, ‘Why has this happened?’ and he said, ‘We don’t know why, Joss. These things just happen, just by the luck of the gods. It’s not your fault.’ I kept pressing him for an answer why, and he didn’t know.”

Joss on Miscarriage

In the video where Joss shared the news of her latest pregnancy, she also shared her traumatic experience of suffering a miscarriage. She said that she is sharing her experience because many women go through it and they must not feel alone. She said: “We shouldn’t feel alone, it happens to a lot of women. It’s a horrible, horrible thing. And it’s not something you can get over. It’s something that you have to live with.”

She also added that her doctor told her to return to his office when “daffodils bloom.” She then shared a video of a positive pregnancy test in front of the bloomed flowers while saying: ”That’s the beautiful part of the story, there are rainbows after storms”.

Joss welcomed daughter Violet in January 2021.



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