Josh McDaniels Fired…Who Should be Next!


Jeff Fisher should be fired this seasonThe big, bad witch of the Denver Broncos, head coach Josh McDaniels was fired this week. McDaniels joins Chilly and Wade Phillips on the unemployed ex-NFL head coach line. But McDaniels and Phillips aren’t the only coaches that deserved the axe this season.

There are a few other NFL head coaches who are not only on the hot seat, but who are being burnt to a crisp. We are 13 games into the regular NFL season and it is time to start dumping the dead weight today. Unfortunately the uncertainty of the 2011-12 NFL season is keeping some of these dopes on life support. Yet the biggest losers here are the fans of these teams who watch another day wasted as their favorite team’s fate lay in the hands of the walking dead.

For the sakes of those fans and the players who work their bodies to the brink of exhaustion sixteen games a year, here are a few NFL head coaches that should be given the Josh McDaniels treatment immediately. Keep in mind that these coaches aren’t getting fired simply on their records. These are coaches that should be fired for costing their team games and make decisions that in some cases are setting their franchises back for years.

[adinserter block=”2″]Jeff Fisher, Tennessee Titans – I am getting so sick and tired of NFL analysts and experts who continue to trump this guy like he won multiple Super Bowls. If I hear another analyst say, “Jeff Fisher would be unemployed in the NFL for about 5 minutes” I am going to lose it. Fisher should have been fired last season after putting on a Peyton Manning to feel “like a winner.” How is an NFL head coach that has had seventeen years with the same team, go to one Super Bowl, and have an under .500 record for the playoffs be this God of coaching that the media makes him out to be? His erratic decision making with his quarterbacks the last three years alone would have gotten anyone else fired. Not only does this guy deserve to be fired, he is the last guy that should be coaching your NFL team next season.

Gary Kubiak, Houston Texans – This guy has ruined many of my fantasy football seasons and he continues to retard the progress of one of the most underachieving teams in the NFL. There isn’t another team that blows as many big games per season to the terrible decision making of their head coaching than the Houston Texans. He runs when he should be passing, he passes when he should be running, he continually fields one of the worst defensive units in the NFL, and yet he got an extension in the offseason. After opening the season at 4-2, he has won only one game since, losing most in the fourth quarter. The Texans have skilled players all over the field except at one position, head coach.

Mike Singletary, San Francisco 49ers – It isn’t working Big Mike. I think Mike Singletary would make a hell of a college coach, but the 49ers players have already begun pushing back. Singletary has made erratic decisions all season long and the lack of consistency has really hurt this team. Hey, nobody forced you to come back this year with Alex Smith, David Carr, and Troy Smith as your quarterbacks. Singletary is outcoached week to week and while he isn’t the only problem with the 49ers, he is a big one.

[adinserter block=”1″]Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions – I am sorry to say it but this guy is in way over his head. Like the above mentioned coaches, his decisions have cost the Lions some big games this season. The Lions are a very talented team which is why they need to make a move. Schwartz’s continued bad decisions will cost this team and as we all know, teams have very short windows in the NFL. He continues to make ridiculous plays like throwing on 4th and 1 or handing the ball to undersized running backs in short yardage situations. The Lions could be a contender in the next two years but when you have the head coach continually learning from his mistakes on the job, that is a problem.

Mike Shanahan, Washington Redskins – Maybe if Dan Synder read my blog about Mike Shanahan a few months back he wouldn’t be in this situation. Shanahan did nothing after John Elway retired yet earned himself a five year contract for $7 million a year. Shanahan has been a complete bust this season, or as I like to say has lived up to expectations. His decision making has been erratic at best and he just looks way out of his league in 2010. His players aren’t responding to him, my 4-year old niece would have handled Albert Haynesworth with more maturity, and he blew a second round draft pick on an aging quarterback that has probably cost the Redskins more games this season than Jason Campbell ever would have done. It is only going to get worse Redskins fans. While I don’t see Shanahan going anywhere with that kind of financial commitment in place, I also don’t see the Redskins turning things around under his regime. His contract is a joke, he is a joke, and the fact that this guy is considered an elite coach by anyone is a flat out comedy routine in itself.

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