Josh McDaniels F-Bomb On Live TV – Video


Josh McDanielsThe NFL has some explaining to do today. A league that is so concerned about its image, made a major snafu on its own network. The NFL Network allowed a tirade by Denver Broncos coach, Josh McDaniels which included a huge f-bomb to air live with no bleep. The network immediately apologized, but it took no time for the short clip to become a viral sensation. It is amazing in this day and age of technical delays, that the NFL Network allowed this to go over the air without a bleep. Check out the video of Josh McDaniels blowing a gasket here.

[adinserter block=”1″]It is absolutely amazing as to how much of a disaster these live game broadcasts have been from the start on the NFL Network. The network originally chose Bryant Gumbel to call the games. Gumbel was so bad, the games became unwatchable. This season, the games have been marred with numerous technical difficulties which includes losing the announcers feed at least once in all three live broadcasts. Compound that with this latest snafu, and you have a presentation that at times comes across as if it was being produced for basic cable. It is unexcusable for a mistake like this to happen in 2009. The NFL Network really needs a complete overhaul of their production, including the announcers for anyone to take these broadcasts seriously.

[adinserter block=”2″]As for Josh McDaniels, he has turned into quite a polarizing personality in his first season as a head coach. McDaniels is a guy that obviously wears his heart on his sleeve. In the off season, he wasted no time trading the franchise quarterback which now looks like it turned out to be a great move. Less than a week ago, McDaniels came under fire for getting into the faces of the San Diego Chargers linebackers and talking trash. While he probably doesn’t sit too well with the NFL executives sitting up in their suites trying to line up Disney sponsorships, as a football fan I love it. There is a reason that Buddy Ryan is still revered in Philadelphia and it certainly wasn’t for his record.

Josh McDaniels curses out his team live.

Josh McDaniels is micd up!

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