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Joseline’s Cabaret Season 3: What Do We Know So Far About the Reality Show

You are not ready for this.

The controversial series cum reality contest featuring the lives of women workers in the nightclub entertainment industry is back for more. Season three of the series was confirmed way back and it is now finally happening.

Here is everything we know about Joseline’s Cabaret Season 3 so far:

How Did Joseline’s Cabaret Come to Be?

Joseline Hernandez is a name you might have heard if you watched the popular show ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’. Joseline used to star in that show before Joseline’s Cabaret happened. However, after doing nearly 6 seasons with the show, Joseline had a falling out with the creator of the show and decided to depart on June 1, 2017

She then went on to sign a deal with We TV where she was going to star in her own docu-series which was expected to be produced by Carlos King. The show was named ‘Joseline Takes Miami’ and began filming by July 2018. But a report came in March 2019 that the production for Joseline’s docu-series has been halted and the network producing the show was asking for reshoots.

Joseline’s Cabaret finally came to be in October 2019 when Joseline made a deal with Zeus Network to make her own projects while starring in them.

Plot and Cast of Joseline’s Carabet Season 3

Season three is titled Joseline’s Carabet: Last Vegas and as the name suggests, the show will be taking place in Las Vegas. The show features the daily lives of strippers and women commerce workers and has the element of a reality contest. Ten immature ladies live in one big house along with Joseline who struggles to launch a cabaret.

The third season features a new group of people and some of the previous season ladies like Chanel and Lexi Blow will be returning. The other ten new cast members will be:

  • Jordan Monroe from New Jersey
  • ReRe (Rio Danielle O’Dell)
  • Lollipop (Jeni Pollard) from Denver
  • Amber Ward from Chicago
  • Raven Diaz from Miami
  • BlckDiamond (Amanda) from Kissimmee, Florida
  • Kapri from Atlanta
  • Henny (Genesis) from New York City
  • Gaia Love from Tennessee
  • Wet Wet from the Bay Area

This season’s plot features two women who have fair skin tones and are not getting along with the other ladies of the group who have darker complexions. The hate turns into insulting comments sometimes and sometimes it gets physical.

Joseline’s Cabaret Season 3 Release Date

The third season of Joseline’s Cabaret started streaming on the 16th of January and the latest episode titled “The Final Performance” came out on the 27th of March. The season has reportedly two more episodes remaining which are scheduled to release on April 10 and April 17 respectively.

Let us know what your thoughts are about season 3 in the comments.



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