Jose Aldo Says No To Farce UFC Title Fight

Jose Aldo has become my new favorite UFC fighter. After months of ridiculous UFC championship fights Aldo has become the first fighter to put an end to this farce and Dana White is not a happy man.

Somewhere over the last year the UFC began sacrificing credibility for entertainment in regards to their championship fights. At one time the only way a fighter could earn a title fight in the UFC is by becoming the number one contender. In 2013 all it takes is a tweet and a text and anyone can get a title shot. Finally one champion has had enough.

UFC president Dana White revealed over the weekend that featherweight champion Jose Aldo is refusing to defend his title against Anthony Pettis. Pettis mind you who hasn’t fought in the division, was granted a title fight after he sent Dana White a text after Aldo’s last fight asking for a title fight. Somehow Pettis immediately became the top contender in the eyes of the UFC, but not in the eyes of the champion.

Jose Aldo came out and said, ‘There’s no way in hell I’m fighting Pettis,’White said following Saturday’s UFC 157 post-event press conference. “He’s absolutely refusing to fight Pettis – doesn’t think he deserves the shot.

I say bravo Jose Aldo! It is about time one of these UFC champions stood up like champions and said no to these showtime fights in favor of credible title fights. Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones, Ben Henderson, and even Aldo have sacrificed credibility for business over the last several months, leaving rightful top contenders in the dust. Finally Aldo has had enough.

Fighters coming off of losses or guys who haven’t even fought in the division are getting more title fights in the UFC than ever before. I certainly understand that the UFC is a business and the number one contender isn’t always going to get the title shot. However, these showtime title fights have become an epidemic where credible title fights are becoming the minority and not the norm.

How many more times are guys like Dan Henderson, Pettis (at lightweight), Ricardo Lamas, Johny Hendricks going to take backseats to fighters who have jumped ahead of them due to anything but their record? The window of a number one contender is short and can close at anytime, as Hendo just found out at UFC 157. Yet these top contenders are expected to keep fighting and fighting for what? These undeserving title fights have gotten completely ridiculous!

Ironically Aldo is coming off a fight where he just fought a guy who had not fought in his division, Frankie Edgar. The difference there is that Edgar was stepping in for an injured fighter as a replacement. It wasn’t right but I have no problem with guys getting undeserving title fights as last minute replacements. The show must go on. But this is a much different situation and I agree with Aldo 100%.

Dana White is talking a big game right now. According to Ariel Helwani, White is already making threats against Aldo.

Dana said Aldo will fight Pettis or he’s not going to like the way this turns out. He’s absolutely refusing right now.

What can Dana do? Strip him of the title for not fighting a guy who hasn’t fought in the division? White’s threats are laughable. I have read reports that indicate Aldo would fight Pettis, just not for the title. This is not a case of someone that is scared. This is a case of a guy that wants to be tested and truly fight the best. I say kudos to Jose Aldo.

It’s a shame more UFC champions don’t feel the same way.

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