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Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers’ Dating Show Dropped from TBS Weeks Before Premiere

The Big D took a big L.

“Bachelorette” alums Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers were all set to air on TBS however it seems that is no longer the case. The dating show produced by the couple called “The Big D” was axed down by TBS just weeks before the show’s premiere date.

The show which was going to feature divorcees given a second chance to find love will no longer be aired and was pulled by the network ahead of its summer premiere. The reason why the show was canceled is reported that the show has a different direction than the one the network will be approaching in the future.

Today we look more into what the show was and the reason why it was canceled. Here are the details:

What Was the Show About?

The dating show “The Big D” was set to feature 10 divorced couples who were relocated to a tropical villa in Costa Rica. There they were given a chance to re-learn the basics of dating and search for a potential lover among the group of other single divorcees. Interestingly, they also had the chance to rekindle their romance with their exes.

The objective of the game was to give the contestants a series of “revealing relationship exercises” which were aimed to help them form connections or make peace with their former partners. The show also aimed to eject one underperforming couple from the show every week.

The show was first announced in March 2021 and was all set to premiere on 7 July however just weeks before the airing date, the show was pulled back by the network.

Why Was It Canceled?

The reason why the show is being canceled is that it reportedly follows a different direction than what the network is aiming for. A TBS spokesperson spoke about the reason for cancellation where he said: “We’re assessing our schedule to ensure we have the right content mix to support our network strategies. We are grateful to JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers, and the executive producers of Big D for their partnership through the process.”

The decision comes as an effect of Warner Bros. Discovery making decisions on TBS’ company personnel and network slates after the merger in April. The merger has resulted in the cancellation of many other projects as well including Damon Wayans’ “Kill the Orange Bear” and J.J. Abrams’ “Demimonde” on HBO.

Jojo and Jordan

Jojo and Jordan first met on “The Bachelorette” back in 2016’s season 12 and became a couple. Rogers proposed Fletcher in the last episode and then repeated the same three years later. The two have put off their marriage many times over the years however they finally tied the knot in May.

Jojo and Jordan were going to be the hosts of the show and still have the show’s name as their accomplishment on their bios on Instagram. None of the two have yet commented about the show’s cancellation.



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