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A Main Event waiting to happen (2 years later) – Inside the Wheelhouse

John MorrisonOn June 10th, 2009 I wrote my very first blog for Eric Gargiulo and the Camel Clutch Blog. It has been 2 years now since I wrote an e-mail to Eric asking if he was looking for more writers at the recently upstart Camel Clutch Blog after we had him on our podcast “The Wheelhouse.” He thankfully obliged, welcomed me to the team and has given me this great platform to talk wrestling, sports and promote “The Wheelhouse” or “The Still Real to Us Show” on his website.

A lot has happened in those two years on my time with the Camel Clutch Blog. I have not only had the opportunity to write for such a great website and an extremely great editor-in-chief, but I have also been developed what we have started here on the Camel Clutch Blog onto mine & Eric’s wrestling podcast, “The Still Real to Us Show.” It has been an awesome two years writing for the website and I’d like to thank Eric, all the other writers & you the reader for all the support these past two years here with the Camel Clutch Blog.

[adinserter block=”2″]With that being said let me get into what has become my now annual blog to celebrate my anniversary with the website by looking back at my very first blog for the CCB. If we can go back in time a bit and dust off our calendars to 2009 you might find my very first blog titled “A Main Event waiting to happen.” The blog was focusing on WWE Superstar John Morrison.

Now why would I start my very first blog writing about a young up & comer in the WWE? Quite simply because it was different and it was new to you the reader; I could have written about Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair or John Cena, but you can get that anywhere else. I wanted to have a different blog to make my entrance felt on the CCB.

It came to me on Friday night while Smackdown was on in the background. I recently received the green light from Eric to write for the site and I wanted to have an impact that wasn’t TNA related. I wanted people to notice my blog when they came to the page because it was creative, new and different. It was going to be another blog breaking down all ten moves of John Cena.

It was then when I heard Jim Ross (who was doing commentary at the time for Smackdown) refer to John Morrison (recently drafted to the Smackdown brand) as “a main event waiting to happen.” Bingo, there is my first blog topic! Hell, if the best wrestling announcer ever can coin someone as “a main event waiting to happen” then I can sure as hell write about it!

Now let’s fast forward two years…

As I write this blog John Morrison is coming off of neck surgery and sitting out on the sidelines for the next couple of weeks. He hasn’t main evented any Wrestlemania’s yet (sorry Snooki) and he hasn’t had a World Title reign since Tuesday nights on SyFy. To be quite frank, he hasn’t broken through quite like I had envisioned 2 years ago when I first wrote about him.

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While he hasn’t been the great success I thought he would be by now, he still hasn’t fallen down the WWE ladder dramatically. He’s had his fair share of ups and downs with the company. Whether it stems from a World Title shot here or a backstage story about him being mad at Trish Stratus there, he still has a job with the WWE and is featured as one of the bigger faces on their flagship show currently. Not to mention he has a feud waiting for him with one of the hottest rising stars in the WWE right now, R-Truth. While it’s not main event material yet, he is knocking on the door of success still.

If anything can be said about Morrison’s climb in the WWE over the last two years you have to figure he is a late bloomer in getting the push he needs to be the main event star he has the potential of being. It’s there; it’s just whether or not he wants to capitalize on it. While I enjoy Morrison’s in-ring work, he is starting to show signs of what happened to talented wrestlers, most notably, Shelton Benjamin, who at one time also had the shades of “a main event waiting to happen.”

Now I’d be doing my original blog wrong if I didn’t look back at where Morrison was in the WWE back when I wrote the blog in 2009. He was coming off of a very successful tag team with The Miz, broken up with his tag partner on the Draft show and moved to the “wrestling brand” of the WWE to hopefully be showcased. Everyone believed that Morrison would be the Shawn Michaels to The Miz’s Marty Jannetty on their tag team.

But here we are two years later and The Miz has had a World Title reign before John Morrison as well as headlined a Wrestlemania before Morrison. I was clearly wrong on my predictions of who would be more successful first out of that tag team. Miz, I’m sorry, you were clearly right.

The moniker of “a Main Event waiting to happen” is starting to lose its luster when compared to John Morrison and this could be the most important year of his entire wrestling career. He has been given the ball more then ever in the main event spot recently and he best not drop it when he has the opportunities given to him when he returns from injury, if they are given. Is Morrison a rising star or a future wrestler who wondered “what could have been?”

[adinserter block=”1″]I wonder come year three if John Morrison will have a World Title reign under his belt by then, in a current WWE climate where new stars need to be born, he needs to do it now or he will never get the chance. Is he still a “main event waiting to happen” or a “future endeavored waiting to happen?” Time will tell.

Thanks once again go out to Eric Gargiulo, all the Camel Clutch Blog writers and you the reader for joining me these last two years here at the website. Cheers to another year ahead for the CCB!

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