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Why John Cena Cannot Main Event Again at WWE’s Biggest Event

As you all know, I enjoy body slamming the WWE for its bad scripts, poor matches and even worse planning for pay-per-view events. And if you have read my blogs on, you know I am not one who likes the WWE’s plan to use its veterans over and over again to “help save the company” from itself and the miscarriage of wrestling it performs when someone like Chris Jericho or Batista returns for a short-lived reunion – only to slip back into the dark of night for two to four years.

[adinserter block=”1″]This blog, although the sentiment may be the same, the message is a little different. Because of the way the WrestleMania 30 format has been written and the fact that it is time for our next generation of superstars to step forward, I believe last year was the last time we see John Cena in the main event at WrestleMania.

That is not to say my prediction is correct, but too much political jostling and too much controversy of late – not related to “The Champ” has led me to believe the fans of wrestling and the WWE Universe may finally get to see fresh faces in new places as 2014 continues to roar through the calendar.

Well, it’s about time.

The program Cena is running right now with Bray Wyatt makes you think one of three things happens in New Orleans: A character change is in the works; Wyatt is about to be elevated to Main Event status; Cena will now work more to get younger superstars over than ever before.
Yes, this is the dawning of a new age in the WWE and the business. Since 2002, Cena has had 21 championships reigns, including a record 11 reigns as WWE Champion and three reigns as World Heavyweight Champion. He is a 14-time World champion, and has the fourth-highest number of combined days as WWE Champion, behind Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino. All impressive numbers and stats and a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer. But now, we need to see the Cena who takes more of an interest in the business and the company than himself. It starts with Wyatt – the Kevin Sullivan-like cult hero of the underworld who speaks in tongues, acts like he is possessed and wants to end the “pain” of his opponents by having them “Follow the Buzzards.”

Unfortunately this is not Sullivan and Dusty Rhodes battling in Florida for years with The Purple Haze and Jake Roberts by his side. Those two have been replaced by Harper and Rowan – two miscast misfits who work perfectly into the foil. Cena’s change in character from “Super Hero Who Fends off Everything” shows a bit of vulnerability – much like his performance after losing to The Rock at WrestleMania 28. Now that Cena is the wizened veteran, who at 36 is really at a crossroads in his career but must still prove to be the “leader of the band” that will now be made up of wrestlers like Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Damien Sandow, and E. Langston. Wrestling by example might be the best way to describe it.

If there was a better way to script all of this maybe it should be that Cena take on a “Sting-like” role in the company – fighting for the good of the WWE, brother, standing tall like Hulk Hogan and still have the ability to battle like AJ Styles. There is no shame in the fact the WWE needs to move in another direction, only that Cena needs to be willing to move with them and not against the company that has made him the most popular wrestler the WWE has ever introduced.

For this to work, Cena must be on board with this full throttle. If not, it all fails and the image and legacy tarnishes a bit – something we all know “The Champ” would hate to see happen.

[adinserter block=”2″]Disclaimer: For the next 30 days, this will be an ongoing series of stories as we move down the Road to WrestleMania. Follow Camel Clutch Blog writer/blogger David M. Levin as he talks about the history, the pageantry and the success and failures of the past when it comes to wrestling’s biggest events. The views of the writer are not necessarily the views of Camel Clutch Blog, and this series is intended to ramp up the excitement that is associated with WrestleMania XXX and the Crescent City of New Orleans. Please enjoy this new feature and any comments are most welcome.

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