John Cena vs. CM Punk Reportedly Planned for WWE SummerSlam


CM Punk vs. John CenaA new report sheds some light about an upcoming WWE SummerSlam 2012 main-event that may surprise, delight, and anger some pro wrestling fans. According to a report, John Cena and CM Punk are penciled in to rematch at the biggest party of the summer.

[adinserter block=”2″]The crack staff at broke the story at the end of last week. According to their report, CM Punk vs. John Cena for the WWE championship is the working plan for SummerSlam 2012. A separate report on their site indicates that Cena will continue to be a part of the title picture long after SummerSlam.

If you think the timing of this matchup seems a bit odd you aren’t the only one. Cena and Punk haven’t been booked on a collision course for several months. The reported story here is that several WWE officials are worried about keeping Cena out of one of the top matches. With Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H already booked, Cena would be behind two WWE championship matches. This keeps Cena in the spotlight and in one of the main-events.

I was just as surprised as you are by the news. I really don’t understand this paranoia in the WWE about keeping Cena strong. This is the same paranoia that crept into the Cena vs. The Rock build and stopped The Rock from completely burying Cena on television. I think of Cena like a Roddy Piper in that he doesn’t need a title to headline. Quite frankly Cena’s non-title match would probably be the semi-main event, yet the officials in Titan Towers think otherwise.

The big question in my mind is what kind of angle the WWE books to get to this match. The easiest would be some kind of top contender’s tournament or match in which Cena wins. I can’t see the WWE turning Punk heel at this point and Cena definitely isn’t turning heel. Other than Cena winning some top contender’s match, I don’t know how they get here.

I think an obvious angle here would be Money in the Bank. Cena has never competed in a Money in the Bank (at least not that I remember) and he is not booked on the show currently. I could easily see Cena replacing someone at the last minute in the match and winning. Cena then declares that he won’t wait until WrestleMania and opts to cash in his briefcase at SummerSlam 12. I know people will be upset with Cena winning MITB since the match is designed to elevate talent, but it would be something different for sure.

As hot as the Cena vs. Punk feud was last summer, I don’t think that there is anyone dying to see a rematch. They grabbed lightning in a bottle at Money in the Bank and had what many called a Match of the Year. I didn’t think their SummerSlam match came anywhere close to it. I think that there could be some interest drummed up down the line but rushing an angle to get to the match seems a bit short sighted to me.

One thing I don’t want to hear is Punk’s “pipe bomb” promos. The pipe bomb has been out of powder for a long time. I don’t care to see Punk come on television and “tell it like it is” or “say what nobody else will say.” To me, I think Punk has lost all of his credibility when it comes to playing that kind of role. Although my hunch is that those shoot-like promos are exactly where they are going to go.

Of course plans could change at any time as far as the match goes. There were several reports of a Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton SummerSlam match weeks ago yet the WWE obviously changed their mind and replaced Orton with Triple H. WWE booking is reportedly day-to-day so a change here would not surprise me one way or the other.

[adinserter block=”1″]Punk vs. Cena and Triple H vs. Brock would make for a solid double billing for SummerSlam 2012. Other than Punk vs. Cena it is hard to think of another money match that you could have either one in that would justify a SummerSlam-like bout other than The Rock coming back to rematch with Cena.

Sorry Cena-haters but it looks like you are in for a long fall of seeing your least favorite wrestler back with the title around his waist.

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  1. what worries my more about this news is where Daniel Bryan is heading.
    From what it seems, Punk is going to be Champ for a while (apparently like Sheamus, they're in for the long haul [unless Cena is the one to dethrone him, but that's another rant])
    Also from what it looks like, Bryan is done? chasing Punk's title and full on feuding with Kane?
    I honestly don't know what WWE's plans are for Bryan but he should stay in the title picutre, even if it's just in the underdog chasing the title way…anothe MITB win perhaps?


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