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John Cena vs. AJ Styles and Other WWE MITB Thoughts From Raw

WWE finally has the big-time match it needs to help catapult the company into this new era it has been touting since WrestleMania 32. No, I’m not talking about Seth Rollins coming back from injury to reclaim his company championship from Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank this Sunday in Las Vegas.

I’m talking about the John Cena-AJ Styles match that feels more like a Rock-Steve Austin kind of confrontation every time I hear both wrestlers talk about the establishment versus the new generation.

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Let’s not fool ourselves, there is some real drama here – the kind we not seen in years. It’s refreshing, it’s cool, but most obvious, it’s important to this company moving forward.

Out with the Authority, in with change for the good, or bad, however we all see it.

The “face that runs the place,” John Cena has come back to the company he has made his own personal playground to meet a man in AJ Styles that should have been playing in the same sandbox 15 years ago.

Yes, Styles is right. Things would look a hell of a lot different had the two been ushered into WWE at the same time. How it would look different with less championships and more popularity for the Indy upstart. How different it would have looked with Styles challenging Chris Jericho, The Rock, Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels on a nightly basis.

The drama created from the promos and the contract signing has worked its magic. The chemistry between the two has been worth everything and now we can only hope the match is just as poignant. It has become a changing of the guard type match – one where The Rock went over Austin. Rick Flair went over Harley Race. Yes, it’s that good.


The segment on the Ambrose Asylum Monday night wasn’t the “turn” I had hoped for, but it did create a bit of doubt for MITB. The fact Ambrose is not part of the any of the promotional work on the go home show of Raw makes me think he does not win the golden briefcase and he could be a factor in the WWE World Title Match between Reigns and Rollins.

It has me salivating a little bit.

Rollins is still clearly the best of the three on the mic and in the ring. But the crowd reaction in New Orleans makes me think it should have been Ambrose who was the challenger with Reigns still a distant third in the race for fan love. Could Ambrose be a part of the outcome? Yes. Will it be with a contract in his hand? No.

If there was ever a time for Ambrose to turn heel, it would be now. Rollins is solid on his own, but turning on Reigns to hand the title over to his former Shield partner is golden. Ambrose doesn’t have a place in the MITB match, nor does he have a real place in the company right now. The former champion and “The Guy” will attempt to tear down the walls in Las Vegas after the Cena-Styles match. Something will need to happen to top the co-main event.

How WWE plans to use Ambrose does that.


Watching Chris Jericho hold the MITB briefcase at the end of Raw means he won’t win Sunday night.

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The heat between Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio is fresh and exciting, but it won’t stop the former Intercontinental Champion from winning the match. Unless…

This could be the best match of the night, which makes me also think there will be a spoiler or two that will leave us all happy and shocked at the same time. What better place to mark the return of Bray Wyatt than in a match that he cost Roman Reigns a chance to win last season.

Wyatt’s cryptic messages on Twitter made me think he would return Monday. It did not happen. Since he has been medically cleared to get back in the ring, when will the Keeper of Worlds cause havoc once more?

People of Nevada, get ready.

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