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John Cena Returns To The Ring

You can all rest easy pro wrestling fans. John Cena is back! The biggest star in pro wrestling donned the long shorts and sneakers for the first time in several weeks and made a successful return to in-ring action on Wednesday.

[adinserter block=”2″]The former WWE champion wrestled his first match in a little over six weeks since hitting injured reserve back in September. Cena made his in-ring return in Strasbourg France on Tuesday in front of a rabid crowd. Cena took on new rival Dolph Ziggler in a battle of Money in the Bank winners that saw the former WWE champion leave victorious.

I could be wrong but I believe that this was the first-ever Ziggler vs. Cena match. As for details of the match, reports indicate it was a fairly basic match. A.J. Lee and Vickie Guerrero both played a part in the finish so it would seem that Cena and AJ vs. Vickie and Dolph could have some legs. Cena wound up hitting the Attitude Adjustment for the finish and the three count on this year’s Money in the Bank winner.

Looking at the booking of the match it would almost appear that they may be working towards a mixed tag-team match for Survivor Series. An A.J. and Cena vs. Ziggler and Vickie match perhaps? If not Survivor Series, it wouldn’t surprise me to see that match pop up on RAW in the near future.

Cena’s return is a huge boost to the WWE which was really having a rough time replacing him. Ryback was the beneficiary of Cena’s win as he got thrust up the card immediately to the main-event spot with CM Punk. Punk’s win over Ryback at Hell in a Cell would indicate that Ryback’s push is probably going to be short-lived with the emphasis back on Cena shortly.

I’ll give Cena and the WWE some credit here. Cena was given a timetable of 6-8 weeks to return. Cena didn’t come back early yet it is still early to tell if he rushed his return. I’m sure there was pressure on Cena and the WWE to get him back early, yet he took the full six weeks to recover. It was obvious watching him move around on RAW the last few weeks that he was still hurting.

The timing of Cena’s return does pose an interesting question. If Cena was able to go on Wednesday, why didn’t he return at Hell in a Cell? Would a few days have been a big deal? Maybe the WWE were in so deep with Ryback that they just played it safe for everyone and kept Cena out the extra few days? Regardless I have to think that Cena probably could have done something on Sunday if there was some kind of panic that Ryback wouldn’t be ready for the spotlight.

Believe it or not I think Cena’s injury is a huge boost to TNA world champion Jeff Hardy of all people. Hardy’s contract is coming due in February and most expect that he will negotiate with both the WWE and TNA. Hardy is one of a few guys that could walk back into the WWE tomorrow and be a top guy. It was evident quickly that the WWE desperately needs more stars on top once Cena went down. If anything, they were lucky it was only six weeks. I have to think that even with all of Hardy’s baggage, the WWE would love to have his kind of star depth at the top in case something happens to Cena again.

[adinserter block=”1″]I would suspect that Cena wrestles his first match on television this coming Monday Night RAW. Cena is working in front of a relatively easy crowd in Europe right now. He’ll need to step it up with the cameras on. It wouldn’t shock me to see him in some kind of tag team match on Monday night to shake off the ring rust on his first RAW match back.

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