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John Cena Returns and Other Thoughts from WWE Raw

Now that John Cena has gotten back on the horse, how long will it be before the “Dream” match between the former United States champion and the current WWE World Champion, Roman Reigns?

The seed for that confrontation might have been planted Monday night. After the cameras faded to black and the Raw went off the air, the two superstars stood in the ring, according to Wrestling Inc., and stared at each other before they continued to wipe the floor with the League of Nations.

From an article appearing on Tuesday on wrestlinginc.com

After last night’s WWE RAW in Brooklyn went off the air, John Cena faced off with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns until Sheamus, Rusev and Alberto Del Rio interrupted. They attacked the babyfaces but Reigns and Cena got the upperhand and stood tall to end the show together.

Oh how juicy, and oh how not right now. The last thing WWE needs is Cena and Reigns going at it for the title – the one Cena wants back to tie Ric Flair for immortality. This is one of those moments where both babyfaces (with the Usos and Dean Ambrose) need to stand tall in unity against the League of Nations and Kevin Owens. WWE is still in a tenuous state, having Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and Cesaro out of action. Fight the good fight, let Reigns and Cena stand together for a while before the company puts them on different sides of the ring.


The two segments on Monday night with Kevin Owens basically beating the snot out of Neville and then Dean Ambrose was just what he needed following his loss to Ambrose at TLC.

Owens has the ability to become the biggest star on the roster and at some point could become a fan favorite. There is real potential with his character and the emotion he exhibited in Brooklyn was perfect. If Owens becomes the monster heel like so many have tried to become in the past and have failed at, WWE will have achieved its goal of making him one of the baddest asses in the business.

And there is still plenty of potential for his current feud with Dean Ambrose. What I liked about Monday night and his abuse of Neville is he was able to use the first match to springboard to another confrontation with Ambrose that eventually left both men being carried or helped out of the building.


The announcement was made that The Rock will be in Dallas for WrestleMania 32, probably to the delight of millions (and I mean millions) of Rock’s fans.

But why?

Is the Rock’s presence really necessary? Is there a true purpose for the former WWE World Champion to layeth the smack down on WWE’s biggest night? There has to be a hook to all of this, and the idea of him facing Triple H may have been a long gone idea.

Where does he fit into the plans, other than a side piece like he was last year with Ronda Rousey? Will he actually get in the ring and wrestle? Does he have some part in the main event?

This is where I get upset and angered by returning superstars who have no true value to a pay-per-view event other than just being there for sake of being there. There have been plenty of stories written on this site and others about how Rock is great and his past is extraordinary, but his best days are behind him and he should be part of these festivities, especially when Reigns is trying to get over on his own.

Yes, this is just one man’s opinion.

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