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John Cena Must Win At WWE Extreme Rules 2012

John CenaThe wrestling world is a week away from the biggest non-WrestleMania match in ages. Brock Lesnar returns to the WWE to wrestle John Cena at Extreme Rules. Most presume that Lesnar will win but is that really the best decision for business?

[adinserter block=”2″]I never thought I would write a blog begging for John Cena to go over on anyone. Yet unfortunately the WWE has boxed me into a corner. There is only one booking decision that makes sense in Chicago. I wouldn’t have said that a month ago, yet the last several weeks have made me think differently.

I just wrote a blog asking if Cena was holding back the WWE’s business? While I do think that the WWE needs to move away from relying strictly on Cena, that doesn’t mean I want the man to be buried. I respect the amount of merchandise he sells, the overrun ratings he draws on RAW, and what he means as brand to the WWE. That is why he can’t lose next Sunday.

Take a look at the big picture here. Over the last few weeks John Cena has lost to The Rock at WrestleMania 28, got beat up twice by Brock Lesnar, looked scared at the contract signing, and lost to Lord Tensai. I think most fans can get past that if Cena comes out on top at Extreme Rules, but another loss could be devastating. The WWE Universe can’t see Cena as “another guy.” A company full of “other guys” benefits nobody.

I know the argument. The WWE paid Brock Lesnar $5 million and he is coming in red hot. There is no way he can lose to Cena. Losing would kill Brock’s momentum and be bad for business. I can’t disagree more. The two are wrestling an Extreme Rules match. This is Brock’s first match in the WWE in 8 years. Brock can beat the hell out of Cena for 10-20 minutes and succumb to a fast rollup or cradle for the 1-2-3. Brock gets back up, lays out Cena, and chalks his loss up to being rusty. That is the finish that works best for everyone.

It is funny because the same people who argue that Brock must win or it would kill his momentum fail to cite his UFC history. Brock Lesnar left the UFC as the biggest draw in company history. Guess what? Brock Lesnar lost his first UFC fight. Did it hurt him? It actually made him a bigger star when he got the opportunity to avenge that loss in what remains the biggest drawing fight in UFC history. Why can’t the WWE go down the same road and bring the rematch back at WrestleMania?

Taking a look at it from a pro wrestling perspective, look no further than Chris Jericho. Jericho lost clean to CM Punk at WrestleMania. Yet thanks to some great angles and promos, nobody is any less interested in Jericho today than they were in March. As a matter of a fact he and Punk will rematch at Extreme Rules in a match that probably has more interest than their first bout.

But what if Cena loses? He will have lost to The Rock, Lord Tensai, and Brock in about a month. If Cena loses, Brock moves on, Cena goes backwards, and there are no big rematches on the horizon. Unless they are working an angle where Cena needs to regroup after suffering a losing streak and works his way back to Rock and Brock, I can’t see how they do any other finish here.

[adinserter block=”1″]Brock is signed for one year. Cena will be around for many years after Brock leaves. If Cena beat The Rock and didn’t just lose to Tensai, I don’t think a loss would be as big of a deal. Now, you have two guys leaving the WWE who went over the company’s top guy. The only thing those guys will have left are a bunch of shirts marked down on The right move for business, the future, now, Brock Lesnar, and Cena is for Cena to win at Extreme Rules.

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  1. It's conditional I suppose:

    If Cena's not going away he has to go over, if they're going to give him some time off let him lose and build up a return storyline.

  2. Lauranitis should reveal that Lesnar's demands, while agreed upon will only come to fruition if he beats Cena at Extreme Rules. Big Johnny will then attempt to screw Brock during the match but it will ultimately backfire, leading to a Lesnar victory and all of his demands going into effect immediately the next night on RAW.

    Display Lesnar's name in the opening RAW credits, have Cole begrudgingly announce "welcome to Monday night RAW starring Brock Lesnar", have Lesnar arriving on the private Jet, etc. Most importantly, no John Cena. He's MIA.

    Here's the hard part – this would involve patience and storytelling. Have weeks and months of Lesnar dominating the show and essentially holding it hostage. Cena would have to stay away. No house shows – nothing. After months of trying and failing, friends and foes alike would agree that Cena is the only hope. Lauranitis would make several public confessions that he messed up, and beg and grovel for Cena to return. He'd also be carrying Lesnar's bags.

    This would obviously build until around Survivor Series and you could have Lesnar in the ring with an entourage (ala MMA) and security and Cena could come back and clear the ring to get to Lesnar(ala Austin when he returned and took out the entire Invasion) then take off through the crowd.

    I haven't really fleshed out that last part but the trick would be creating a 2012 Sting/nWo feel, with the message here being that no one appreciated Cena and clamored for Lesnar – who has made things worse.

    I write this as an anti-Cena fan. But you've built the guy up for years. Might as well do something huge if you aren't going to turn him.

    P.S. – please have Cena face Taker at WM before he loses anymore marquee match ups. It's the only matchup left that would put doubt in the fans minds that Taker could actually lose. Again WWE, do something with your SuperCena before you screw that up too.

  3. Waht are you going to do with john Cena after he pins the legitimacy invader on the first PPV? He would be immediately back in the title picture with CM Punk and that does not make sense as we have seen that pair half of last year.

    I would let Lesnar destroy Cena and put Cena off for four months on TV doing just some boyscout charity with children. Then let him return with a MMA trainer (storyline manager) and let him prepare for his comeback. Give him a comeback Match at Summerslam against Lord Tensai. And then let him prepare for main event with Brock Lesnar and then a final blow off at TLC in a Last man Standing match.

    Then you have a storyline that keeps Cena out of the title context but that is totally new for the character Cena.


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