John Cena Expected To Miss Time After WWE SummerSlam


[adinserter block=”1″]Remember that promo John Cena cut on WWE RAW a couple of weeks ago when he talked about his injured elbow? Well that elbow isn’t getting any better and according to recent reports it could keep Super Cena on the sidelines for several weeks.

Cena showed off his war wound a few weeks ago and it looked like a football was growing out of his arm. Dave Meltzer of reports that Cena will need elbow surgery following SummerSlam and is expected to miss an undetermined amount of time which could be several weeks.

WWE has attempted to keep this quiet, but Cena will be undergoing surgery shortly on his left elbow. The surgery may be as early as next week, although we were just told it would shortly after SummerSlam. Cena’s left elbow is swollen like he had a something nearly the size of a baseball implanted in it, and that isn’t good. It got so bad that Cena was pulled out of all in-ring, pulled from the only weekend house show in Oakland, where he was scheduled to main event, as well as pulled from wrestling on Raw, where he was also advertised in the main event.

Cena hasn’t actually wrestled in weeks. Cena even missed house shows last weekend which is a rarity for the WWE’s iron man. Cena has committed to wrestling Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam but that is expected to be it for him for some time.

The big question is whether this means that Cena is dropping the WWE championship to Bryan or not. Cena is one of the most resilient wrestlers I have ever seen. Timetables for recovery are never accurate when it comes to Cena. He seems to have an ability to bounce back much quicker from injuries and surgeries than most wrestlers. I wouldn’t necessarily count on a title change due to that reason alone.

I could easily see a scenario where Cena is injured coming out of the match yet sticks around through recovery. Maybe he misses a week here or there but I can’t see him just totally disappearing from something like this. It would not surprise me no matter what anyone is saying to see Cena back in action at Night of Champions.

Unfortunately this news won’t help elevate anyone in the WWE locker room. Generally the absence of a top guy opens up a spot for someone new to break through or even return. When Cena went down in 2007 with an injury the WWE brought back Chris Jericho and shot him into a top angle with Randy Orton. Last year Ryback was elevated and shot into a program with CM Punk when Cena went down. I can’t imagine that anyone gets that same kind of boost this time around although you never know.

It’s hard to say whether this is a sign of things to come with Cena. Cena goes real hard in his matches and I have heard veteran wrestlers say he can be sloppy in that sense. At 36 and with all of the road miles he has on him, it would not surprise me to see injuries start popping up on the champion. The WWE really needs to start to look at the future and that may not be John Cena.

[adinserter block=”2″]So what happens Sunday now with this news? I envision a scenario where Cena does lose to Daniel Bryan who winds up dropping the belt to Randy Orton. The WWE can use this to start a lengthy build to a Cena vs. Orton WrestleMania 30 match. Regardless the betting money is on Cena dropping the title and taking some time off. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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  1. This is the WWE but Cena is WWE and he most likely will drop title to Bryan but how long will Bryan have it the build up to anticipation is awesome. But I think Bryan could carry for a few weeks they have a year for money in the bank to be cashed in. So McMahon and HHH feud could be interesting setting up Orton,to face Cena or Bryan or both with the resurgence of the three way tag teams.


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