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John Cena Coming Back At WWE Hell In A Cell

The WWE are looking to rebound from a disappointing Battleground in a big way. The company will be bringing back its biggest active star to Hell in a Cell four months early. John Cena is coming home!

[adinserter block=”1″]The WWE casually dropped the news on Monday Night RAW. Vickie Guerrero told Alberto Del Rio that his opponent at Hell in a Cell would be John Cena. The match will be for Del Rio’s WWE world heavyweight championship. There wasn’t any kind of big video set up or promo which seemed a bit odd considering how big the news is.

What I find odd is how Cena is being booked here. Cena wrestling Alberto Del Rio for the WHC in his first match back is not something I would have guessed two months ago. Let’s be honest. Cena isn’t coming back and losing his big return. Cena getting a run with the WHC just seems out of left field to me.

I can’t imagine how Cena can come back and not be a part of the big angle with Triple H and Stephanie. After all he is the top dog and face of the company. So why is he getting a run with the WHC title? I am also wondering how can they stretch this angle out until WrestleMania. Holding Cena out until January would have done the trick. Cena back now greatly escalates the storyline.

The reaction on social media wasn’t very welcoming for Cena. Fans are already groaning at the idea of him coming back early. I am no Cena fan but I get it. I know that a lot of fans would rather have Daniel Bryan and CM Punk be the focus of RAW but the numbers don’t lie. The buyrates have not been good and the ratings other than a good week here and there have not been good either. As a business I completely understand why you’d want Cena back. I see no problem with the move on the WWE’s side. Why wouldn’t they want him back?

Hell in a Cell looks like it will be much bigger than anything since SummerSlam. WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels will also be returning that night. Michaels will be the special guest referee for the Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton WWE championship main-event. It is obvious that this was the plan from the start if you follow the progression of the storyline. I can’t say I wasn’t pulling for Bob Backlund.

[adinserter block=”2″]I also think that they are building towards a Triple H vs. The Big Show match at Hell in a Cell. Nothing has been announced but it certainly looks like they’re going that way if you watched RAW on Monday. I can’t imagine Show KO’ing Hunter and Hunter not getting any kind of revenge. I would also not be surprised to see Vince McMahon somehow get involved either by or the night after Hell in a Cell.

All in all this could be one of the biggest Hell in a Cell shows in years. They’ll certainly need it coming off of the disaster of Battleground.

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  1. I wanted so badly to ask you if you popped big time when Mr Bob Backlund graced us with his presence and his "je ne sais quois" promo skills, that whippersnappers couldn't possibly get the appeal of. Oh well, good to see Mr Bob Backlund's still got it. Still, when HBK was announced as the 3rd option I immediately said "He's winning." Also, you called it if I remember correctly. The next prediction you made is the possibility of HBShizzle betraying D-Bry, setting up a possible master vs pupil PPV match at some point in time.

  2. I'm ok with Cena going after ADR vs interjecting him into the storyline with DBry. They would take the wind out of DBry's sails if he couldn't get the job done for the past two months and in comes Cena to turn the tide so to speak and I think Creative might actually be starting to warm up to DBry. The option is still out there for HHH et al to have both HW champions in their pockets and the faction of Dbry, Cena, The Usos and Rhodes push back. That has potential.

      • I had the same idea. Orton wins one Cena wins the other and in his infinite wisdom HHH decides to consilidate because its best for business or in a effort to hose the good guys (granted they are one in the same). Conversely Cena vs Dbry to unify could harken back to the Ultimate Warrior vs Hogan show down and if HHH has Sandow in his pocket at that time he comes in after those two go to war and we have a corperate champion.

      • Got a point there. I should have noticed this sooner. Why else would Cena be sent after the World Title? I initially thought it was to boost Smackdown's ratings but no. It is to give wrestling fans what they want: Another 7-8 month long feud between John Cena and Randy Orton after the WM30 title unification match.

        Jason's Damien Sandow idea works too.

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