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Super Cena Is Not Going Anywhere

The Internet Wrestling Community have been in a frenzy after seeing John Cena leave Extreme Rules 2013 with the WWE championship. Some fans are calling for boycotts, some are calling for change, but at the end of the day this is the WWE you are stuck with it and Cena isn’t going anywhere.

[adinserter block=”1″]Look let me get this right out of the way. I am not a Cena fan at all. I think his promos are terrible, I have little interest in watching him wrestle, and I doubt I’d be a wrestling fan if this were the WWE I grew up with. So before you go and accuse me of being a Cena fan, please think again. I can’t stand watching the man.

That said, the outrage is bordering on ridiculous. At this point you are better off turning RAW off and deleting your WWE.com bookmarks because the guy isn’t going anywhere by choice. John Cena is here to stay and while you and I are tired of his act, we are in the minority. Cena is still a mega merchandise seller, a ratings magnet, and oh I don’t know just drew one of the biggest buyrates in history against The Rock. To expect the WWE to do anything else but give him a big push is just selfish and short sighted.

I also think that people are being incredibly unfair to Cena. I was on Twitter during Extreme Rules and the second his match against Ryback ended I saw a slew of “Super Cena” tweets that mocked the champion’s survival against his monster opponent. Cena doesn’t need me to defend him but the guy has been pushed as anything but super over the last year.

“Cena wins again” was the big complaint and believe me, I get it. But let’s take a look back at 2012 and how Cena fared during the year. Not to good! As much criticism as he receives for being “super”, he put over CM Punk quite a few times during their run. Without those wins Punk would have never ascended as a top superstar so there is certainly a bit of gratitude owed Cena in helping get someone over. He also put over Dolph Ziggler, The Rock, and even freaking Tensai! The criticism may have been warranted a few years ago, but certainly not in the last year and a half.

Put yourself in Vince McMahon’s role right now and what would you do? Sure it’s easy to say “push Punk” or “push Daniel Bryan” to the top and I get it. I’d love to watch a WWE show with those guys on top. Unfortunately the mass audience doesn’t. Cena is the only consistent full-time draw he has had for the last several years. Vince McMahon may be a lot of things but he isn’t an idiot. If business trends showed Cena on the decline and someone else ascending, he’d make the change. They haven’t.

The problem isn’t John Cena and his push. I am not a fan but if I was running the company I’d push him too! The problem is the inability to create stars that appeal across the board like Cena does. Do you really think that Vince McMahon or anyone else in charge wants anyone to have as much power as Cena does? In a perfect world they’d want an assortment of top stars as opposed to relying on one guy to carry the brand. If Cena goes down with an injury or decides to hold the company up for massive money, they are screwed! They know that, they’ve been there before. Believe me I am sure that Vince McMahon hates the idea of the WWE Universe revolving around one person more than you do.

Regarding Extreme Rules, the right decision was made. It’s funny because a lot of the same people criticizing Cena are the same ones who were mocking Ryback months ago when he was doing squashes. Now you want him in your main-events? The WWE made the right call. Ryback has little momentum right now and isn’t moving numbers whatsoever as the top heel. The ship has sailed on the viability of putting the title on him. Maybe that ship docks again but that ship is drifting far off from the docks. The company made the right call by keeping the title on Cena.

[adinserter block=”2″]Now could they have booked a better finish? That finish was horrible considering that they had a Last Man Standing stipulation. I don’t care who was wrestling, that was just a terrible finish. There is a reason no official announcement was made on the event.

At the end of the day you have your right to complain about Cena but your voice is a very tiny voice among a rabid Cena fan base of women, kids, and teenagers that continue to invest their time and money into the WWE champ. Expected the WWE to do anything different right now is just foolish.

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